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Ace Izabel Goulart’s Five-Minute Workouts

iza_goulart / Instagram

iza_goulart / Instagram

A quick scroll through Izabel Goulart’s Instagram showcases headstands and ab workouts to inspire even the biggest couch potato to sign up for a permanent gym membership. The Brazilian bombshell, who turned 32-years-old this week, is an avid exercise enthusiast who aims to motivate via her Instagram feed, which features short clips and snaps of her superhuman strength documented under the hashtag #BodyByIza. With her enviably toned physique and athletic prowess, Goulart— who splits her time between Rio, Paris, and New York—was even tapped as a country’s ambassador for the 2016 Rio Olympics. When she’s not serving major workout inspiration, she’s gracing the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret and fronting campaigns for Nike.

For those with packed schedules who find it difficult to make time for the gym, here, the best five-minute workouts plucked straight from Izabel Goulart’s Instagram.


To do this exercise, first get into a push-up position. Rest your left hand on a medicine ball and the other on the mat (or floor.) Start by lowering your chest to the floor, then press up and roll the medicine ball to the other hand. Repeat.


Channel your inner kid with a hula-hoop. This fun exercise burns calories, sculpts, and blasts body fat. To start, hold the hula-hoop at your waist. With your hands, push the hoop so that it begins to rotate, and then sway your hips in a side-to-side motion.


The jump rope is an efficient and portable workout tool that you can stuff in your purse if the chance of an impromptu cardio session arises. Tip: when you jump rope, always land on the ball of your feet and make sure your heels don’t touch the ground. By doing so, you’re working out your calves, too.


Those who don’t yet boast an advanced technique can opt for the regular knee-to-elbow plank. First, get into a traditional plank position with your forearms on the ground. Then, bring your left knee to your left elbow; next return to plank position. Repeat by bringing your right knee to your right elbow. Alternate twenty times, and at least three times depending on your ability.

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