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5 Luxury Bathing Rituals Across the Region


Photo: Royal Mansour

Whether you’re trying to escape Kuwait’s chilly winds or Beirut’s rain showers, one of the quickest ways to warm up this season is to indulge in a steaming, healing bath. Borrowing from ancient traditions that date back to the Greek, Roman, Arab and Ottoman Empires, the best bath treatments in the region offer more than cold-weather relief. From soothing dry skin to calming muscle pain, here are five of the best bath treatments to try out.

ILA Bathing Experience

Those looking for a mental reset can visit the Talise Spa at the Jumeirah. This ILA bathing ritual offers numerous physiological benefits that range from dilating blood vessels to relaxing adrenal glands. Using hand-harvested ingredients sourced from local communities, this treatment aims to stimulate the lymphatic system, leaving your skin impossibly polished and silky smooth.

Talise Spa
Jumeirah Hotel Beach & Spa

The Hammam

For a bathing experience that is (literally) fit for a king, visit the Royal Mansour, built at the request of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. This spa spans over three floors, featuring private and semi-private Hammam suites. Don’t forget to head over to the relaxation room after your bathing ritual, for Moroccan mint tea and pastries.

Royal Mansour
Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti

Aromatic Milk Bath

A stone’s throw from the notable Grand Mosque, the Eastern Mangroves Spa will renew your senses with a candle-lit aromatic milk bath. Featuring hundreds of rose petals, the milk bath is infused with aromatic oils to soothe both your body and mind.

Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

The Hammam Ritual

After a therapeutic shopping spree at ABC Mall, head over to the cult G Spa for a Hammam Ritual. The intense lathering of soap (performed with an exfoliating mitt) is carried out on a heated marble slab, and followed by a detoxifying wrap to tighten pores.

G Spa
Independence Street

Al-Pasha Turkish Bath

This bathing ritual takes inspiration from the Greek, Ottoman and Roman Empires. It begins in a steam room with a refreshing cold hibiscus tea, keeping you cool as you sweat out toxins while your pores open. After a vigorous scrub-down inside a piping hot onsen, the treatment is completed with a massage and (another) refreshing iced drink.

Ali Mahmud Taha Street

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