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How to Incorporate Crystals Into Your Wellness Routine


Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

Hollywood-based fine jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche shares her tips for incorporating crystals into your wellness routine and which ones to choose. 

This has been one of the most trying times for us all as a global community. And, with the internet churning our information rapidly and the sheer uncertainty of things, it is common to feel a bit overwhelmed and somewhat “down in the dumps.” Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a big believer in proper self-care and an even bigger believer in the healing power of crystals. Mesh these two together, and you have yourself the ultimate remedy to bring you peace, healing, and balance, especially during such tough times.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Working through the vibration of the chakras, each stone has its own unique gravitas. From putting on some of my crystal-infused Gypsy body oil after my morning shower to adorning my neck with my lovely amethyst necklace, these are some of my favorite pieces I’ve incorporated more into my daily routine since the self-isolation period began.

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche sourcing crystals in Tucson. Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

Green Aventurine – Known as the stone of opportunity, Green Aventurine lights me up with a sense of optimism and a new zest for life. In its presence, I find I’m always smiling. I feel especially drawn to this beautiful crystal because its properties inspire me to embrace change. It enhances creativity and motivation, which we could all use more of during these times.

Clear Quartz – This crystal is essential. It amplifies positive emotions by absorbing, releasing, and regulating energy and always brings me the balance I crave. If you feel negative energy of any kind, clear quartz will take it away, making space for only good vibes.

Celestite – Celestite is my favorite crystal for relieving stress and anxiety. It helps me find harmony and peace when I need it most and is the ultimate meditation stone. If you’re ever in need of a quick energy reset, hold this stone close as its healing properties will help you relax and bring you back to your bliss.

Amethyst – This is my favorite protection stone. It transforms negative energy into love while protecting its beholder from all types of harm. There is no better feeling than the safe and empowering energy amethyst brings me. By relieving stress, balancing mood swings, and clearing anxiety from my headspace, it gives me the stability I need when things are uncertain or changing.

Turquoise – This blue beauty is known for its purifying properties; its energy feels like sunshine. Any feelings of depression or exhaustion are immediately cleansed in its presence, and it dispels negative energy while stabilizing your mood. When I’m layered up in turquoise, a sense of calm washes over me. It is Mother Nature’s master healer.

Mother Nature is the ultimate source for inspiring health and wellness within, and I’ve found that the most effective rituals for staying grounded integrate minerals from the earth. Whether you’re looking to balance your hormones or reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, introducing the healing energy of crystals into your ritual for self-care can be so transformative.

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