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Haircare Brand Gisou Is Celebrating Bees Day With a One-of-a-Kind Pop-Up

Negin Mirsalehi, founder of Gisou. Photo: Courtesy Gisou

Bees are essential to a healthy environment—and the economy—and the good news is, more and more people around the globe are now getting gaining awareness on the importance of bee preservation. Cue Bees Day, which falls on May 20, and has been recognized around the globe by communities.Among the many to celebrate the important event is beauty brand Gisou. Born out of a passion for honey bees and haircare, Gisou was founded by Negin Mirsalehi, who also happens to be an active beekeeper, so it comes as no surprise that Bees Day is a special one for her. This year, Mirsalehi has put together a special pop-up in Amsterdam—and an online Bee Learning course that will be taught by none other than Negar Mirsalehi, Negin’s sister and Gisou’s very first beekeper-in-chief. What’s more, customers will also now get a chance to shop for limited edition Gisou originals, and become certified beekeepers in a whopping 30 minutes flat.

Photo: Courtesy Gisou

All set to take place between May 20 and May 22, Gisou’s Bee Season celebration will stretch on through Bee Season, and will come to a close on August 20, 2022, which marks National Honey Bee Day. For now, the Amsterdam pop-up will give visitors a peek into life in the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, with honey tasting sessions, deep dives into the Honey Museum. If you’re not in Amsterdam right now, you can also be part of the experience by heading to Gisou’s official website.

Negin Mirsalehi, founder of Gisou. Photo: Courtesy Gisou

Following in the footsteps of six generations in her family, Negin Mirsalehi, founder of Gisou, has a rich history with beekeeping, spending a large part of her childhood learning how to maintain a healthy colony of bees with her father in Iran. To learn more about the importance of bees, click here.


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