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Yara Shahidi Does Travel Beauty Right with Her Latest ‘Do

When traveling in the high heat of late summer, keeping lengths bound back and off the face is one key to stylized comfort. And if you’re looking for something a bit more creative than a slicked updo, make like Yara Shahidi and opt for a textured duet instead.

This week, entourage and suitcases in tow, Shahidi made for a train with her signature cloud of kinks secured in a duo of extended—and entirely elevated—pigtails. Rather than positioned to swing over shoulders, the part-Iranian actress and activist tied her lengths at back, raven curls cascading toward her waist from bases wound tightly into her own strands.

A luminous complexion and ready smile completed the moment, which seems destined for re-creation—whether the look is adopted for summer getaways or to pair with fall’s forthcoming menu of outerwear. Proof positive that some of the most noteworthy (and quirky) updos of yesteryear are primed for a reimagined reboot.

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