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These 3 Easy Steps Will Guarantee You Shiny Hair for Summer

There are plenty of reasons to embrace thick hair — it holds style, requires less upkeep, and can create the fullest of updos. But a generous head of hair comes with its own set of disadvantages. Here, Vogue Arabia teams up with Dyson in a three-part video series to bring you easy-to-implement beauty hacks for your thick hair woes.

We all wish for silky, light-reflecting locks à la Amal Clooney, however, our region’s year-round sunshine can hinder the glossy mane we’ve always wanted.

This is because when hair is exposed to extreme temperatures, “pores” begin to form in the strands. When light hits these “pores”, it scatters in all directions rather than a single one, therefore reducing shine. Additionally, thick, unruly strands can be more susceptible to dryness, which in turn results in a dull, lackluster appearance.

We have already revealed our fast-drying hair hacks, and now we share three tips for shinier strands so you can make your dream hair a reality.

Step one: Use a deep conditioning treatment
After shampooing your hair, massage a dime-sized amount of a nourishing treatment of your choice into your roots and ends to prevent further damage. This will help to restore moisture to distressed strands and boost shine simultaneously. Try to stay away from sulphate or petroleum-infused products as they only serve to weigh your hair down and make it look limp.

Step two: Use the Dyson Supersonic
The ultra-quiet hair dryer boasts an intelligent heat control function that promises to promote lustrous hair by protecting strands from damage. Less damaged hair reflects light in a single direction, making it appear shinier.

Step three: Sleep on a silk pillow
Ditch your cotton pillowcase in favor of a silk one. Sleeping on the natural fiber surface reduces friction, which in turn results in less breakage.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer retails for AED/SAR 1,574 and is available at and Dyson stores. 

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