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The Sleek, Shiny Bob is The Hairstyle That Has A-Listers Falling Under its Spell

If last year’s most popular hair trend took the form of the platinum buzz cut, it seems the mark of this summer centers on a high-gloss finish—and an abbreviated blunt cut. The sleek bob strikes a contrast to the usual roster of matte, sea-sprayed, textured and rumpled waves, instead exuding a pulled-together polish that renders any given mane shiny enough to be considered state-of-the-art.

Perhaps it was Rihanna‘s shoulder-grazing raven lengths, ironed to pin-straight perfection at Louis Vuitton‘s Spring 2019 Menswear Show, that sparked the season’s initial switch of aesthetic, her deeply-parted long bob affording a white-hot makeup look an aspirational frame.

Dua Lipa continued to school onlookers in the art of the brunette bob—though, in recent days, her lengths have leaned more toward lacquered than ever before—while this past weekend found Kim Kardashian West trading in her interminable air-dried waves (a traditional associate of summer) for a bold, razor-sharp chop that plays well with her arsenal of futuristic ensembles. And on Tuesday in New York City, Mila Kunis likely inspired an onslaught of salon appointments with a buoyant and slightly softer obsidian bob that reflected every bit of available light. Here, four reasons to trade in summer’s oft-tousled lengths for the allure of chop with near-blinding luster.

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