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3 Frizz-Busting Hacks For Thick Hair You Need to Bookmark

There are plenty of reasons to embrace thick hair — it holds style, requires less upkeep, and can create the fullest of updos. But a generous head of hair comes with its own set of disadvantages. Here, Vogue Arabia teams up with Dyson in a three-part video series to bring you easy-to-implement beauty hacks for your thick hair woes.

We have already revealed our tricks for helping hair dry faster and making locks appear shinier, and now we’re tackling the bane of many an Arab woman’s existence: the unwanted frizz that often accompanies our region’s humidity levels.

One of the main reasons that hair gets frizzy is because it absorbs moisture from the air. Strands themselves are made up of a mixture of proteins surrounded by a layer of protective cuticles. Damage caused by over-processing leaves the hair with “bubbles” inside the protein layer. This then allows moisture to permeate the hair, causing it to expand, and leaving it more vulnerable to frizz.

We’re all susceptible to bushy hair, but don’t despair. There are a few tricks you can implement into your beauty routine to banish frizz for good.

Step one: Drop that brush
Use a wide-tooth comb made out of wood or rubber to smooth and detangle hair while it is still wet— plastic combs can create an electrical charge when they glide through your hair. A wide-tooth comb prevents breakage (which results in frizz), and will retain the shape of your natural hair texture, if you have curls or waves. A comb also helps distribute any product, such as a conditioner or masque, more evenly.

Step two: Detangle from the ends, not the roots
When brushing, start by gently combing the lower section of your hair and work your way up. Avoid detangling your hair close to the roots, because knots tend to travel downwards, further exacerbating the problem.

Step three: Use the Dyson Supersonic
The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is equipped with a diffuser that evenly dispenses air while drying (rather than blowing your hair around), which helps to reduce frizz. The attachment simultaneously keeps curls defined, for a glossy finish that will smoothly see you through summer.

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer retails for AED/SAR 1,574 and is available at and Dyson stores. 

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