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5 Hair Trends to Look for in 2024, According to the Experts

Which hair trends are set to reign over 2024? Experts take us through the biggest mane obsessions this year, from holistic hair health to natural colors.


Vogue Arabia, February 2020. Photo: Kat Irlin

If certain years call for dramatic transformations, others answers with a want of renewal—and come January, the rejuvenation is set to start. “We are seeing a lot of things like hair slugging and treatment buns; both are incredible for hair restoration,” says hairstylist Irinel De León about the latest hair trends. “There’s also a big emphasis on hair health and how investing in quality hair tools that keep hair health too of mind is becoming more and more popular.”

Reset eras tend to follow periods of excess, and 2023 was nothing if not abundant in fun and funky hair trends. From romantic notions like ribbons and Renaissance braids to modernized mullets and blunt bobs, styling came down to the details. Meanwhile, toasty shades of blonde and an entire palette of copper tones pushed natural hair hues to the side in favor of something spicier. From a return to organic hues to styling designed with less-is-more in mind—save for a potential bloom of fresh accessories—2024 asks that we take stock of our hair needs over our wants, the better to protect the integrity of our manes while preparing for the inevitable swing back toward exaggeration.

Here, five hair trends to look for in 2024.

Natural colors

Variants of blonde and copper have made for some dramatic hair transformations this year, but 2024 will see a collective return to our roots. “I’ve been seeing a lot of clients and friends returning to their natural color or close to it,” says hairstylist Gregory Russell, who notes an uptick in subtle, strategic balayage among hair trends. “Whether it’s adding more dimension in a blonde or going brunette entirely, low-maintenance color is the name of the game,” adds hairstylist Rena Calhoun. Still, tones will continue to lean warmer than cooler, a continuation of this year’s toastier trends.

Midi cuts

With short chop grow outs come medium-length styles. 2023 saw a continuation of modern shags and mullets, along with a parade of blunt bobs that made the case for a certain amount of polish. “Short cuts a bit above the shoulders have become a big trend this year and will be going into next year as well,” says De León. “We will also be seeing medium-length haircuts in 2024.” Medium-length manes lend to hair health and minimal styling, an extra inch or two of length adding weight and making styling an easier feat without all of the maintenance that comes with down-to-there hair.

Minimal styling

In keeping with a desire for minimized maintenance, cuts and styles that require less to look their best are slated to dominate 2024’s hair trends. “I expect to see minimalism and more personalized haircuts—simplified yet chic cuts that are great for air-dried styles and effortless looks,” says Russell.

Holistic hair health

Consider 2024 the year of healthy hair, from root to tip. In addition to gentler styling routines, hairstylist Lacy Redway expects an uptick in access to (and interest in) scalp care. “While having great products on hand to style your hair is worthwhile, they can also cause product build-up that clogs your pores,” explains Redway. “Scalp health is something we should pay closer attention to.” Calhoun doubles down on the ramped up interest in hair health, noting that the choice doesn’t mean sacrificing in style. ”Air-drying doesn’t necessarily mean wash and go,” she explains. “There are so many new techniques and advanced products now to create texture and shapes in the hair without using hot tools.” Russell agrees, “It’s about prioritizing hydration and learning how to style your hair with the least heat possible.”

Fresh accessories

While ribbons reigned as 2023’s hair accessory to watch, 2024’s hair trends will find flowers factoring into your romance-driven styling routine. This fresh intel comes courtesy of Redway, creator of the mother of all ribboned hairstyles for Christian Siriano’s spring 2024 show. “I designed a beautiful ‘cornrose’ hairstyle with Tessa Thompson back in March of 2023, and six months later I am starting to see the trend catch up,” says Redway, who notes that OffSet finished his dreads with roses on a recent appearance on The Fallon Show. Consider the rosettes a whimsical blend of this year’s well-loved Renaissance hair and coquette detailing.

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