June 11, 2024

Hailey Bieber on Blushing, Spicy Mocktails, and Trusting Her Gut

Brand founder Hailey Bieber tells Vogue all about Pocket Blush, the newest launch from Rhode.

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Photo: Instagram.com/haileybieber

Hailey Bieber knows when something feels right. That’s what the mother-to-be shares with me over Zoom. And while we’re talking about today’s big launch from her beauty brand, Rhode, the read-between-the-lines context is certainly there, too.

“I’ve been developing the Pocket Blush for two years,” Hailey Bieber shares of the new product, which will officially be available to shop on 20 June. “There was a completely different iteration that was confirmed before this one, but I ended up scrapping and starting over. I would rather take my time than rush something and it not be exactly how I want it to be.”

And while it may be small – seriously, the blush fits snugly in the front pocket of my favorite ultra-tight vintage Gloria Vanderbilt jeans – the formula is budge-proof. While the world was admiring Bieber’s dewy flush at the Super Bowl, Coachella, and during her trip to Japan, she was wearing Pocket Blush. The six shades range from corals and pinks to more taupe-tan, which the founder says she like to mix and match.

Photo: Courtesy of Rhode

Of course, some of the shades have personal backstories, too. There’s Spicy Marg, which Bieber declares “I felt like the blush color was giving vacation, summer, sunshine – and that’s the drink I think of when I think of all of those things. You can’t go wrong with a Spicy Marg. A mocktail right now for me though, for sure.” Piggy is named after one of her dogs. “Piggy is a blonde Yorkie who just has so much attitude, pizzazz, and sass. She just has a strut and prance and I just felt like she gives off this aura of pink. She’s just a little pink piggy.”

For Bieber, blush made sense as the next Rhode launch because it’s her most essential color product. “I feel like it brings life to the face,” she says while sitting next to a giant version of the product. “It does something for me, it makes me feel good.”

Originally published on Vogue.com

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