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The Goodness Company is Your One Stop Shop for Conscious Living

Courtesy of The Goodness Company

Trying to live a more sustainable life can often feel a little out of reach. After all, living in the desert with the AC pumping almost 24/7 and modern day to day life in general, means you really need to dedicate yourself to the movement. Introducing your new favorite brand, The Goodness Company. Located in the Dar Wasl Mall Jumeirah in Dubai and House of Fraser in Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, the boutique is set to revolutionize your lifestyle. Bringing education, awareness and most importantly some seriously amazing products to the region, its main aim is to create a city of mindful and conscious consumers.

Courtesy of The Goodness Company

Blending simplicity with sustainability, conscious living is only a visit away. Each one of its items has been carefully crafted to ensure it is sustainable, natural and wholesome. Fighting the fast-paced world of consumerism and encouraging people to join the anti-throw-away culture it will open your eyes to the way we dispose of items daily. We can guarantee The Goodness Company pieces won’t be ending up in a landfill, our oceans or clogging up one of the worlds precious ecosystems.

Courtesy of The Goodness Company

Some of its stand out items include its Conscious-Ware. Glass and steel straws have been created so you can bring them wherever you go. That means you can wave single-use plastic goodbye. At just AED25 for a pack of four, now is the perfect time to mention The Goodness Company is incredibly affordable too. Bamboo toothbrushes which are completely biodegradable should also be at the top of your wishlist. Another section is The Copper Collective which looks to the amazing properties of the sustainably sourced material which is known to alkalize water. Think bottle, tumblers, and jugs.

The Conscious Lifestyle Kit. Courtesy of The Goodness Company

For those with a sweet tooth, The Goodness Company has also developed a line of delicious chocolates. Featuring all-natural ingredients these organic bars include no added sugar and there are vegan options to boot. Most importantly they haven’t used palm oil in the making of them, due to it being one of the biggest factors in deforestation. Do you need any more excuses to stock up and treat yourself?

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