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Giorgio Armani Releases a New Limited-Edition Haute Fragrance

Giorgio Armani Spring 2017. Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Fragrance is personal. Giorgio Armani understands this more than most. Creating a limited-edition perfume annually following his Spring presentations, this year is no different, with the release of Charm. Encapsulating a sense of femininity and elegance, the latest chapter in his olfactory journey, Édition Couture, looks at capturing the true essence of the collection, with iris as its leading note.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Balancing a softness with a darker edge, the fragrance also features bergamot, black tea, and Somali incense. Alberto Morillas, the nose behind the scent, explains, “The combination brings a very smoky facet to the iris. I intensified it with cypriol, a papyrus essence. It is addictive, extremely luxurious, and possesses a certain finesse. When infused with Gaïac wood, cypriol gives the iris a mysterious new dimension.”

With only 1,000 pieces created, of which 160 are available in the Middle East (at Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols), you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one of these iconic fragrances.

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