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21 Statement French Manicure Styles You Need to Try Immediately

What once was a ’00s staple (remember duck nails?) is now back on the fingertips of nearly every celebrity: the French manicure. The lined look that dominated the early aughts has slowly but surely become the must-have style for beauty lovers embracing the Y2K wave, along with claw clips, mini shoulder bags, and low-rise skirts.

French manicures, invented in 1975 by Jeff Pink, then CEO of nail-care brand Orly International, were supposed to be a natural-looking alternative to the popular reds of Hollywood polishes. According to Who What Wear, the nude and white combo was meant to decrease the amount of time needed between wardrobe changes—eventually making its way to Paris to use on models in runway shows. From there it became known as the French manicure, taking Paris by storm and eventually making its way onto the fingernails of style icons like Paris Hilton.

Nowadays, there are plenty of French manicure styles that deviate from the standard flesh-colored formula. Instead, people are opting for colorful and out-of-the-box French manicure designs. Graphic art, stickers, and gems are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wearing the mani of the moment. If sticking to the classics is more your thing, there are countless nail-art brushes and stamps that promise a clean, crisp French manicure line. #NailTok—TikTok’s unofficial nail-art sphere, has countless videos of pro artists and rookies alike painting polish directly onto silicone molds and stamping a French tip outline onto their nail beds. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no better time to experiment than in the summer.

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Here, some of our favorite French manicure looks to inspire your next salon appointment. Get ready to screenshot.

Rainbow French

While the classic white tip look is the standard for French manicures, these rainbow nails are a modern and whimsical take on the style.


Melting French 

Your ice cream shouldn’t be the only thing melting this summer: A drippy French mani instantly ups the cool factor.


Cow-Print French 

Doja Cat would be proud at the sight of these cow-print razor-thin tips after her viral “Moo” music video. The yeehaw aesthetic—complete with cowboy boots and cringe tank tops à la Kendall Jenner—has been dominating the summer 2022 trend cycle. If you’re prepared to hop on board, look no further than this micro-thin manicure.

Photo: Pinterest

Neon French 

Spice things up with multicolor neon tips instead of the usual white for a modern-day French manicure look. Mismatched nails are one of our favorite nail trends from this year, so why not play around with different shades in a subtle yet elevated way?


Classic French 

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with showing the timeless OG style some love. These thick and curvy French tips add more dimension to nails by giving an illusion of a longer, more almond-shaped nail bed and tips.

Photo: Pinterest

Checkerboard French

These checkerboard print nails aren’t just a spin on the classic French look—they’re also a fun little nod to the swirly Baggu checkerboard print for the brand’s reusable bag.


Floral French 

Pair an edgy, black French tip with miniature daisies to keep your nails looking fresh this summer. Use a nail-art tool (or even a bobby pin) to stamp dots onto your nails to create the flowers.


Rainbow Ombré French 

If you’re looking to do rainbow nails a bit more subtly, this fun gradient nail look is a dreamy combination. Use a disposable wedge-shaped makeup sponge to blend the colors together, and carve out a French tip using acetone and a flat-edge makeup brush. Not only is it a fun way to spice up your nail art, but it’s easy to DIY.


Glitter French

While ultrathin French manicures are in, so is glitter. Thanks to the night luxe aesthetic taking over TikTok, sparkles, and glam are trending. Keep it classy with this combination during your next girls’ night out.


Rhinestone French

Celebrity nail artist Nails by Mei revealed on Instagram that the French mani has Dua Lipa’s stamp of approval. For this bedazzled effect, she started with the classic style and placed rhinestones across the tips in a nod to Y2K fashion. All you need is a Von Dutch trucker hat to complete the look.


Chrome French 

Move aside, glazed donut nails. While the sheer style popularized by Hailey Bieber is the top mani of the moment, we’re not surprised to see OPI’s holographic Tin Man Can finish making its way to French manicures.


Golden French 

Have your nails double as jewelry with a gilded French mani. Gold has overtaken silver as the metal of choice for everyday accessories—making this glittery manicure a go-to style when it comes to elevating your outfit.


Cherry Pink French

Pink tips and cherry nail art are some of the hottest Y2K influences right now, so why not pair them up?


Geometric French 

This angular twist on the classic French manicure is cool enough to be the look of choice for celebrities like Cardi B, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. Looking for more geometric nail art? We’ve got you covered.


Cherry French 

White tips ain’t fun enough for you? Try upping your nail-art game by asking for a French manicure with miniature cherries all over. You can thank us later.


Tortoise French

The It print of the 2010s is back just in time for the Indie Sleaze 2014 Tumblr revival. Tortoiseshell accessories are quintessential summer style, so there’s no better time to try it out for yourself with hipster-inspired French tips. 


Squiggly French

These swirly green French tips are the perfect amount of fun. Keep the base color neutral and sheer to balance out the whimsical design.


Pink French

This subtle yet girly way to take your French manicure to the next level is what pastel dreams are made of. Pull out spring-summer-appropriate nail polish for the colorful tip accent, and top with a shiny, no-chip top coat.


Holographic French

This thick, glitter holographic French manicure is sure to be Kim Kardashian–approved (she is entering her Futuristic Alien Barbie era after all)


Double French

Double the tip, double the fun. This stacked French manicure, complete with a two-tone rainbow palette, puts a colorful spin on the classic look.

Photo: Pinterest

Gradient Neon French

While neon tips are all the rage, this subtle, gradient version of the trend is easy to pull off with two contrasting colors, but still stays within the French manicure range.

Photo: Pinterest

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