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Scent-Loving Women on the Nostalgic Travel Moments Triggered By Fragrance Notes

Women with a nose for the finer things reflect on the nostalgic travel moments triggered by singular fragrance notes.

Tamara Algabbani

Photo: Getty

The Saudi designer is instantly transported to the Parisian quotidian by urban notes.

Byredo, Blanche EDP Collector’s Edition.

Before the first meeting or show of the day in January, you can inhale a drowsy Paris at its purest. There’s a cool crispness to the air, a mix of frozen pavement, damp flowerbeds, and lingering dawn that signals a true fresh start.”

Ormaie Paris, Papier Carbone EDP

I attended the Armani privé show in January 2020. The set was raised almost overnight, from the runway and seating to the walls and floors. The culmination is an almost industrial scent of fresh paint, carbon paper, and just-dried ink. I still hold onto that aroma of anticipation.”

Maison Margiela, Replica Coffee Break EDT

“Paris is both my workplace and playground. During fashion and couture weeks, I’m up racing from show to show. The only reprieve is when I can take a second at a local patisserie. I’ll reach for a warm baguette, or as a treat, a croissant. I’ll take a moment and devour it with my café au lait – avec almond milk.”

Haneen Al Saify

Photo: Getty

The scent of greenery underfoot returns the modest fashion influencer to the heart of Kenya.

Memo Paris, African Leather EDP

“Everything has a little more spice in Kenya. You can smell it in the air, there are spices in everything you eat, and even the drinks have an aromatic kick, with cumin, cinnamon, and clove all intertwined. I’m reminded of the heat and intense flavors of Kenya every time I catch a hint of spice.”

The Nue Co, Forest Lungs

“I felt such a connection when I first visited Kenya in 2018 to go on safari, spotting zebras and elephants. We went from the plains to the bush, splitting our time between a luxury hotel and the safari camp in the middle of the wilderness.

Noura Al Sarraj

Photo: Getty

The Dubai-based jewelry designer and founder of Mas Jewels finds solace in the gourmand notes of the Turkish day to day.

Givenchy Irresistible EDP

Walking through the flowering gardens of Istanbul felt like an artwork come to life. The blooms looked like they had sprung from a Monet painting, and their fragrance hung in the air like a million broken perfume bottles.”

Le Labo, Thé Noir 29 EDP

“When I visited Turkey on my own for the first time, I felt content. I could explore and discover what I loved. I was delighted to find how simple it was to immerse myself and emulate an authentic Turkish life. The smell of baked börek in the morning and strong Turkish tea would wash over my senses as I stepped from the hotel lobby to the street.”

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Originally published in the July/August 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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