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Beloved Skincare Brand Whind’s New Fragrance Collection Bottles the Essence of Morocco

Photo: Courtesy of Whind

While Moroccan beauty rituals have been revered by beauty editors and industry insiders, it takes a special understanding of the regional traditions and nuances to the world. Whind’s founder Hind Sebti has proudly honored this unique take on beauty, by creating skincare that evokes images of a radiant and warm golden hour in the sands of Morocco, maintaining an appreciation and passion for the beauty rituals of the Arab world. Now, Sebti takes her sensory journey a step further with Whind’s new perfume launch, a luxury collection infused with the very essence of her Morocco and modern femininity.

“Scent has always been my most dominant sense: it is all emotion, instantly evoking, enveloping, and transporting us to something, someone, or somewhere,” she says. “The story I wanted to tell was of my Morocco. It is a region wrapped in dreams, fantasy, and magic; a place where the past, present, and future coexist, blended in perfect harmony.”

To bring this dream to fruition, Hind was supported by her close friend and legendary fragrance industry veteran Roger Schmid, who partnered with the master perfumer Jerome Epinette to blend this special collection. Ingredients such as orange blossom, toasted papyrus, incense, Kashmiri saffron, and tangerine peels paint an olfactory journey through the rich Arabic landscape, from sun-soaked sands and vibrant city centers to breezy ocean shores.

There is also a sense of nostalgia, as the fragrances draw upon Hind’s own memories and mirages of Morocco. The bright and juicy orange blossom elixir Neroli Bronze transports her to her grandmother’s house, she remembers, “playing in the blossoming orange trees, entranced by their soft white petals caressing my skin and leaving their fragrant kiss on my face, hair, and clothes.” However, it is Oud Davana that captures the essence of who she is, an Arab woman rooted in her Moroccan upbringing and exuding both the sensuality and spirituality that she sees as essential to her culture.

Photo: Courtesy of Whind

Saffron Rose pays homage to the seduction that permeates the desert as dusk approaches with a heady concoction of rose elixir,  honeyed Kashmiri saffron, and incense along with other sweet and smoky ingredients. The floral Lalla La Rose is reminiscent of opening a fresh box of Turkish delight while Amber Tangerine evokes memories of Tangiers and all the adventure that is inspired as the East merges with the West. Lastly, Whind takes us to the Atlas Mountains with Pomelo Mint Tea Leaves as notes of lemon zest and shredded mint tea leaves hang in the air.

Epinete summarises the collection, “This is a collection that was born around pleasures: scent-kissed skin, creations that blend knowledge and culture, and olfactive intuitions that evoke, suggest, charm and tempt. The ephemeral and luxurious feeling of scents that touch the senses; that can be bought but not controlled.”

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