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An Expert Shares Four Rules For Grooming Your Eyebrows

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“Your eyebrows are the beauty equivalent of a  picture frame for your face,” says Benefit Cosmetic’s regional Brow Expert Menat El Abd. “Keeping your arches well-groomed highlights your features and makes them pop,” she adds. Indeed, a set of clean, bold eyebrows have the instant ability to make a maximum impact on your overall look with minimal effort. “I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take care of your eyebrows on a daily basis,” reveals the Brow Expert. Read on for El Abd’s four rules for maintaining your brow shape, promoting hair growth, and filling them in naturally.

Avoid overplucking
“Over-plucking or excessive tweezing can potentially result in damaging the hair follicles. It’s best to allow your arches time to grow and breathe.” El Abd mainly relies on trimming and tweezing to tame brows into shape once every three weeks. To add dimension to your eyebrows between appointments, the Brow Expert recommends using a brow highlighter or enhancer.

Add a conditioning primer to your brow routine
“Applying an eyebrow conditioning primer every day can do wonders for boosting the growth of your natural set.” El Abd reaches for the Benefit Cosmetics Browvo Conditioning Primer to supercharge her arches. “You can apply the primer on your eyebrows in the morning before your makeup application as well as at night on a freshly-cleansed face before you go to sleep. Your eyebrows will definitely look thicker overtime with consistent use.”

Use a formula that matches your hair color
“When filling in your eyebrows, it is vital to use a brow pencil or powder that is a true match to your hair color. Apply short, light strokes in the beginning of your arches for a more natural finish. Then grab a formula one shade darker to fill in on the end of your eyebrows for an ombre effect. You can avoid harsh looking brows by grabbing a spoolie and blending out the product.”

Brow gel is a hot weather beauty staple
“Not only does brow gel succeed in taming stray hairs and create a fuller effect, but it also keeps your eyebrows in check by withstanding the elements. My favorite is the Benefit Cosmetic’s 24-hr Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel. It locks your look in place for the entire day, no matter the weather.”

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