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Foreo Launches a Farm to Face Collection


Forget farm to table, Swedish skintech powerhouse Foreo has just launched a collection based around the concept of farm to face. A new addition to its UFO Activated Mask range the collection comprises of five new formulas. Sourced from across the globe by the Foreo Institute, each of the new masks contain a blend of natural ingredients. In the spotlight is green tea sourced from Japan which is known for its purifying properties, a coconut oil mask that is ultra-nourishing for the skin that has been sourced from Indonesia, from Brazil a smoothing acai berry mask, a revitalizing manuka honey mask that has been obtained from New Zealand and finally a hydrating Bulgarian rose mask.

 “What the green smoothies do for the body, is what the new Farm to Face Masks will do for the skin,” explains Ryan Saddik, Foreo’s General Manager for MENAT region. “Not only did we travel to the ends of the earth to find the best and most perfect ingredients, but we also spent months formulating the masks and ensuring each one is jam-packed full of natural nutrients and essential vitamins for a healthy-looking complexion. From New Zealand and Indonesia to Bulgaria and Japan – we literally went everywhere to find the very best in next-level ingredients for this collection,” he adds.

Suitable for all skin types, each of the masks has also been dermatologically tested. Another tick in the beauty box is that each of the masks is cruelty-free with three of the masks also being vegan friendly. Each of the Farm to Face mask routines is two minutes long and works with the UFO or UFO mini device.

The new UFO-activated Farm to Face Collection is now available at Sephora Middle East for AED 115 and includes 6 masks.

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