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25 Beautiful Flower Nail Designs to Wear This Season


Flower nail designs remain a go-to for many, especially in spring. (We know, we know—how groundbreaking). But just because something is expected doesn’t mean it can’t be special or fun. Flowers are synonymous with the warmer seasons for good reason.

“Flowers are delicate and beautiful, so it’s no surprise that people love them around their house, on their clothing, or as nail art,” says celebrity and Chanel nail artist Betina R. Goldstein,. “As we see flowers blooming around us in nature, I believe it inspires us to embrace spring.”

There’s a practicality to it. Among the many nail art designs, flower nails are accessible to everyone and can be custom-made however you want. “Floral designs are easy to DIY at home,” agrees celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen. “It’s also easy to request in salons with the versatility of many color combinations.”

Goldstein likes drawing her favorite flowers, peonies, tulips, or poppies for her designs and opts for classic spring colors such as pink, lavender, yellow, and pops of green. Though she likes to keep it simple and focus the art solely on the florals, Nguyen says you can mix and match with other trends for something fun and unexpected.

You don’t need much if you’re going for a DIY floral nail art design. Nguyen recommends having a dotting tool and a good painting brush to draw on your flowers. Goldstein agrees and suggests her Doublemoss Arte brushes, which come in different bristle lengths and angles depending on what kind of detail you need, and adds that a nail polish with strong pigment like the Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour will go a long way in getting vibrant and crisp colors. Otherwise, collaborating with your nail artist is just as good as an excuse as any to book that appointment.

So if you’re looking for some mani and pedi inspiration this spring (or beyond), below are 25 of the best flower nail art ideas. Be sure to bookmark this page for later.

Gold Leaf

The gold leaf background really elevates this manicure and makes for a striking contrast to the delicate and minimal floral designs drawn at every corner. For detailed flower nail art in general, Goldstein likes to start by drawing the stem and leaves with a liner brush before mixing in your petal shades. This mix of white, blush pink, and deep rose creates the perfect peony, which happens to be our flower of choice every spring.

Black and White Floral

Whether you want florals for all ten fingers or do 50/50 with another trend (like the imitable French mani), this black-and-white floral combo remains one of our favorites. Pro-Tip: Nguyen recommends not dipping your dotting tool (or the rounded end of a bobby pin) too much into the polish or you won’t be able to control the size of your dots. Keep some space between them so that they don’t touch each other and smear.

Tropical Vacay

Nothing says spring quite like a burst of color. The mix of magenta and deep orange makes for a dynamic color duo. Top it off with bright white floral petals and lines in abstract designs for something unique and fun.

Romantic Milk Bath

Nguyen says that the milk bath nail is the perfect backdrop for florals to float on. With a creamy translucent shade for the base, it makes your flower nail designs extra dreamy to look at—and we’re all for romanticizing everything and anything this spring.

Ombré Effect


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A post shared by Gina Edwards (@ginaedwards_)

Can’t go wrong with a nail sticker or press-on option, especially if you’re on a time crunch (and implementing a strict budget). We love KISS’s Salon X-Tend Starter Kit, which gives you everything you need for your spring mani. You get a mini LED lamp, glue, nail file, and a set of nails to give that salon gel quality at home. You can also buy one of 18 nail designs and finishes to choose from, including this classic daisy nail art set against a white ombré background.

Flower Vine

If drawing intricate petals looks intimidating to do on your own (and you’re not alone, we feel the same), these floral-like designs might just ease that particular anxiety. Paint on a few strokes of a bright color in an inverted triangle shape to mimic flowers in bloom for an abstract (and easy) spin on the classic spring design. We especially love the vine that Nguyen uses to connect the flowers and give the look a more vintage feel.

Daisy Half Moons

For something a bit more unexpected with daisy nails, opt for going the half-moon route. Nguyen draws on half a daisy at the base of a nail against a bare base for a really adorable design.

Sunny D

We love throwing two trends together to see what magic can occur. This mashup of the classic French mani and these mini orange and white flowers make for a bright spring mani that will put a smile on your face.

Flower Halo


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A post shared by Gina Edwards (@ginaedwards_)

We love the idea of drawing flowers along the edges of your nails and keeping the center bare. Celebrity nail artist Gina Edwards’s design is bold and fun without going too over the top.

Fine China

This simple yet stunning floral design could give some of our favorite porcelain dishes a run for their money. To get the look, Goldstein uses a combo of Chanel’s Le Vernis in Rhythm and JINSoon’s Nail Lacquer in Dew.

Tiny Details

A rose design by any other name would smell just as sweet, but there is a special place in our hearts for minimal designs like these by Goldstein. Set against a bare nail, it’s just a chic way to play with florals.

French Edges

Wanting to go minimal in a more unique way? We love this vine full of tiny flowers painted just along the edge of a bare nail to make the most subtle of statements.

Mini Daisies

Daisy nails continue to have their moment and will be a staple this spring. We love this hand-painted design that hangs right off the tip of the nail against a neutral background so that they really pop.

Psychedelic Vibes


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This mix of bright colors has a cool watercolor effect, giving you a playful and groovy 70s feel. Wear this when you’re feeling happy about the warmer weather.

Pretty Pastels


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Why not lean all the way in with pastels? We love brighter hues of yellow and lavender as a base for the colorful spread of flowers.

Fairy Dust

Adding jewels and glitter always makes a nail look more whimsical—and that’s why we love these added touches. Take inspo from celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik who uses a lot of sparkle to his flower nail design.

Early Aughts

An ode to the clothing store that defined the pre-teen era for us millennials, Natalie Minerva, celebrity nail artist and nail lead on Euphoria, aptly described her flower nail design in her caption: “It’s giving LIMITED TOO.” Classic white daisy decals are drawn all over a metallic baby blue base for a call back to the 2000s that just warms our nostalgic hearts.

3D Effect


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A post shared by Eri Ishizu (@eriishizu)

Celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu created this 3D-like floral design that looks so real, you’ll have people doing a double take. It’s adorned with jewels and glitter for some added glitter.

Hot Pink


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A post shared by ❤ Hang Nguyen ❤ (@thehangedit)

We love a hot pink moment, especially in spring. Nail artist Hang Nguyen mixes the vibrant shade with a cooler pink for her floral design and uses a Q-Tip to create those perfect flower dots.

Spring Bloom


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Bright hues often overshadow their muted counterparts when the weather starts to warm up. But we’re here to make a case for softer colors this spring. This mix of pale and deep blues make for a really pretty base for your flower nail designs.

Taste the Rainbow


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For the indecisive, painting each nail a different color is truly the way to go. Play with the colors of the rainbow with a matching flower design right at the top of the nail.

Greener Pastures


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Feel one with the earth and channel the color green this spring. We love this flower design that strikes the perfect balance between intricate and minimal. It’s the perfect accent to full-coverage green nails.

Work of Art


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This mix of white, blue, and yellow makes for a stunning combo. But we especially love the stroke-like features, which are reminiscent of an impressionist oil painting. Monet would be proud.

Lace Details


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A post shared by Kim Truong (@kimkimnails)

Celebrity nail artist Kim Truong created this lace and floral combo for Kerry Washington back in 2023 and we’ve been thinking about it ever since. From the intricate details to the soft romantic hues, it’s the perfect way to elevate a bare nail.

Dotted Flowers


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A post shared by Kim Truong (@kimkimnails)

Dress up a black and white French manicure with these mini polka dot floral decals. They’re simple nails to do and a whole lot of fun.

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