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Floraïku Launches Exclusively Worldwide on Ounass

A fragrance from the Floraiku collection.

A fragrance from the Floraïku collection. Courtesy of Ounass

Romance returns to the world of fragrance from the creators of Memo Paris. A world exclusive, Floraïku launches online today on Ounass with eleven exquisite scents. Vogue speaks to founder Clara Molloy about the journey behind the brand and what we can expect from the fragrances.

What is the concept behind Floraïku?
I would not say there is a concept behind Floraïku, but very strong sources of inspiration. I have always loved poetry. I wrote a poetry book three years ago and it was published by a small publishing house in Paris, I felt very lucky. Today poetry is what matters the most to me. It is where I find hope, inspiration, intensity, subtlety. All Floraiku’s values. When we began to work on Floraïku, everything went very quickly. Asia was the key word. We worked on the tree ceremonies: teas, incenses, and flowers, because these ceremonies are very important in Asia and all of them are inspiring for a perfumer. It gave us a consistent direction and field of investigation.

How did you come up with the name?
In our brand, each title of our fragrances is linked to a haiku. Here is the haiku of our I Am Coming Home fragrance :

« On this glorious night

Shivering lights

I am coming home. »

The name Floraïku is a mix between Haiku (short poems) and flowers. I come up with all of these names when I am reading a book, visiting an exhibition, or simply doing nothing. You cannot force a name, it is like when you are looking for a name for a new born. The name comes to you, suddenly there is only one appropriate name for the baby.

Why are there 11 fragrances in the collection?
Three ceremonies and two shadows make 11 perfumes. But the truth is that those 11 were ready. I had no doubts about them, thanks to the talent of our noses, and as soon as I get that feeling we know we are ready to launch. The shadowing made us go from nine perfumes to 11. It was not planned at the beginning. You spray two fragrances side by side. You do not mix them but their personality makes a special combination when you wear them at the same time. I like to wear one fragrance on my knees, one near my heart, one behind my ears. We created a light shadow that brings freshness to your fragrance, and a dark shadow that will bring more power to it. You can decide which part of your personality you want to show, and change your mind the next morning. The shadows are perfumes on their own. You can also wear them alone.

Floraïku was inspired by tree ceremonies: teas, incenses, and flowers. Courtesy of Ounass

What are the standout notes in the collection?
Each perfume is so distinctive, it is very difficult to make a résumé. We have an amazing amber, a beautiful vetiver, a dark mimosa. There are soft notes and powerful notes, and our aim was to find the best ingredients to make the best perfumes. They are all very original, most of the people at our exclusive shop in Harrods tell us that they have never smelled anything like our creations.

The bottles are very eye catching. Tell us about the concept behind them?
We love graphic design. Asiatic patterns are such an inspiration. We worked with an artist to create paintings that would illustrate our perfumes, and also invented textiles for each bottle. This is really a fun part of development, very exciting. I also enjoyed myself a lot when I  wrote the 11 haikus. We ended up all speaking through haikus in the office.

How does this brand differ and relate to Memo Paris?
Memo is a journey, Floraïku is a moment of peace, a short poem. Memo is a souvenir, Floraïku is the dark side of flowers. Each brand has its territory, there is no competition between them. Still, I believe that the people who love Memo, will be curious to smell the Floraïku fragrances. Both brands have me as artistic director, but they are expressing different parts of me. It is like playing the piano and the violin.

Why did you decide to launch with Ounass in the Middle East?
This is 2017, our world is digital. Ounass will very soon be the number one website for beauty. Where else could we launch? This is a huge opportunity for us, we are really proud to be part of their success.

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