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5 Easy Steps to Master Glowing Skin by the End of the Week

Angelo D'Agostino - MARCH 2018

Photographer Angelo D’Agostino for Vogue Arabia March 2018

When it comes to beauty and achieving your best skin yet, there are countless products and pieces of advice pushing you in every direction. Sometimes, especially during the summer when things slow down you just want to keep things simple. Here are five key skin tips from Lancôme Regional Skincare Expert Hiba Souki to ensure you achieve a glowing complexion.

Drink water. No less than eight cups per day. This is the first step in keeping your skin glowing and radiant.

Exercise. Workout a minimum of 30 minutes daily to stimulate the blood circulation and push the oxygen to your skin.

De-stress. Do this daily by pampering your skin in the morning and evening using a proper moisturizer that suits your skin. I recommend Hydrazen Anti-Stress Glow Liquid Moisturizer by Lancôme as it contains 96% natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rose Water that hydrates, soothes, and de-stress your skin. This means immediate glow and a soft to the touch dermis.

Clean Up. Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Cleansing your skin morning and evening can keep away everything from blackheads to aging. After cleansing your skin at night apply Advanced Génifique Concentrate Serum enriched with seven pre and probiotics, follow the same routine in the morning. This serum in just seven days can improve skin radiance and brightness. After finishing one bottle all signs of aging will appear diminished and your skin’s youthful appearance will have visibly improved.

Eat Right. Try to eat as healthy as possible. Focus on foods enriched with anti-oxidant properties and vitamins like B12 and vitamin K.

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