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Eight Fitness Studios in the Region That Will Change How You Work Out

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Can you tone your body and get fit in 30 minutes? With these bite-sized classes, there’s no excuse not to maintain your workout routine.

Speedflex, Dubai
Unlike normal workout equipment, Speedflex machines have a free-motion bar that responds to and creates resistance based on your bodyweight and effort. The class sees you moving on to various machines using different parts of the body, while wearing a heart monitor to ensure you work out at your optimum level.

Sweat Studio, Abu Dhabi
This boutique studio looks to strength and holistic health, aiming to revolutionize the experience of functional training. Absolution is a 30-minute class that focuses on the core and challenges functional movement. By improving the way your muscles move, the class helps shape and tone your body.

Kore, Saudi Arabia
Mental health combined with physical health is key to Kore’s philosophy. The fitness studios offer three 30-minute workouts: Kore Express Core, Tabata, and Row. Each class offers a full-body workout, ranging from high to low impact, and you can mix and match your routine depending on your mood.

Lift Strength & Conditioning Centre, Bahrain
Lift brings together professionals from across the globe, including an Olympic qualifier, to help get you into shape. Its two shorter classes include MetaFit, a series of body-weight and cardio exercises, and TabataFit, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class that focuses on interval training.

Fitness Zone, Beirut
With its three extreme HIIT classes – GRIT Strength, Plyo, and Cardio – Fitness Zone will help improve your strength and increase lean muscle in just half an hour. You’ll use props like barbells and benches, as well as bodyweight and explosive movements to sculpt your best body yet.

Physique57, Saudi Arabia
Physique57 boasts existing studios in New York City, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and Dubai, and now Riyadh, and counts the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon as fans. Each class is barre-based, blending a number of workouts including ballet-inspired cardio, strength training exercises, and stretching that are designed to burn calories, tone limbs, and give you the sculpted abs you’ve always dreamed of.

Train Strength & Fitness Gym, Dubai
Get Fit Chick is an eight-week training program that includes five sessions a week so you can get real results, really fast. A mix of CrossFit, yoga, and body toning exercises, the transformation bootcamp is touted as one of the best women’s weight loss programs in Dubai.

Surge Body Fitness, Dubai
One of the newest fitness studios in the city, Surge Body Fitness boasts tilting “Real Ryder” bikes, which mimic riding a road bike and that require you to use your core and upper-body strength. An intense mix of sprints and inclines, the 45-minute class aims to help you effectively burn calories and build up your core.

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