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This Brand New Fenty Collaboration Confuses Lipgloss with… Ketchup

Fenty Beauty’s latest launch is…ketchup? In an April Fool’s reminiscent release, the Rihanna-founded beauty brand has just dropped a collaboration with MSCHF, inspired by tomato ketchup. The MSCHF x Fenty Beauty Ketchup Or Makeup set presents six identical sachets, styled like individual sauce packages. Some contain ketchup, the others are filled with Fenty beauty’s best selling Gloss Bomb lip gloss in a cherry hue.

Retailing for US$25, the collector’s item is available at a New York hotdog stand pop-up, or online at Reactions online have been mixed, with some Fenty fans agog at the surprise launch, while other social media commenters are confused by the left field collaboration.

Unfamiliar with MSCHF? The art collective specializes in off-kilter collabs – some real, some imaginary – with unexpected celebrities and brand names, creating sometimes bizarre pairings. MSCHF has previously released the Lil Nas x Nikes, Jimmy Fallon’s Gobstomper sneakers, mocked up Birkenstock sandals produced from a disassembled Hermes Birkin, and produced the headline grabbing Eat the Rich ice cream truck.


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