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10 Maximalist Eyeshadow Palettes to Get You Through Party Season

With the holidays on the horizon and the flamboyance of the ’80s seeping into the collective conscious, it’s about time for your makeup to be as bold and bright as your party dress.

Contending with a calendar full of festive get-togethers, no single makeup-bag item holds more possibilities than a shimmering, Technicolor eyeshadow palette. Punchy washes, swathes of glitter, graphic strikes of sparkle—they’re all just a tap of the makeup brush away with the right mix of prismatic pigments in your arsenal.

Take, for instance, NARS’s limited-edition Inferno palette. Inspired by Studio 54, it nods to the iconic nightclub with a menagerie of glittering jewel tones that will shine bright beneath a disco ball—or a sprig of mistletoe. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without Pat McGrath, the “Mother”—as she is known in the industry—of all things gilded. Kicking up the wattage on sumptuous florals, her hotly-coveted Mothership VII: Divine Rose palette beams at every inch with holographic rose, gold, and bronze hues. And if you aim to close the decade with a bit (okay, a lot) of brightness this New Year’s Eve night, consider Dior‘s special “Happy 2020”-themed quintet of retina-burning, fireworks-worthy shades. Here, 10 eyeshadow palettes that will keep you dazzling well into the New Year.

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