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A Pro’s Guide to Thicker, Longer Lashes in Two Easy Steps

Photographed by Marina Dean-Francis

Out of this world eyelashes aren’t just achieved through lashings of mascara and falsies. There are more permanent solutions. Read on for everything you need to know about semi-permanent lash add-ons.

Eyelash Extensions

“Lash extensions can make to your eyes is phenomenal. A look that no mascara can replicate,” explains Laila Nazari resident brow and lash expert at Pastels Salon. “If you have lash extensions, you don’t need to wear mascara at all.” Created by using a semi-permanent glue to attached the synthetic, silk or mink lash to the natural hair, the results are astounding. Coming in four different weights 0.25, 0.20, 0.15 and 0.10, Nazari favors the 0.10 as it is the closest weight to the natural lash. “I recommend using the 0.10 for every day and in most cases it has helped the clients natural lashes to grow, not only because they are lighter but also there is no applying and removing of mascara which is one causes of eyelash damage,” she says. For special occasions you can take the next step up she suggests however anything heavier can often damage your natural lashes. For this reason it is also important to find the right technician. “The technician’s experience is the most important thing when deciding on lash extensions. How renowned a brand or salon is does not really matter if the technician doesn’t know what she is doing.” Lasting two to three weeks, Nazari’s best advice for making them last, “Easy, leave them alone! Do not use oil based eye make-up removers, do not brush them! Do blow dry them for a few seconds after getting them wet. This sets the adhesive and fluffs the lashes.”


“LVL adds length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes, with no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara,” says Nazari. Similar to how you would perm your hair, LVL works on the root of your natural lashes to open your eye whilst appearing longer and thicker. Teamed with a lash tint, the effect is almost like applying a coat of mascara. “LVL is ideal for those seeking a more natural look and simply want to boost their own natural lashes,” explains Nazari. Taking approximately 40 minutes, like extensions the results are instant, however they can last six to eight weeks. With little maintenance, Nazari suggests using a condition serum to help nourish lashes and to be gentle when removing eye makeup and avoiding waterproof mascara. “Waterproof mascara is a big no for me – I have seen many clients pull out their eyelashes trying to remove it,” she finishes.

How to find the right technician for extensions

1. Do your homework. Ask friends or family if they have used anyone that they would recommend whose procedure did not damage their natural lashes but gave a great effect.
2. Enquire at salons who offer services what weight of eyelashes they are using – it should never be more than 0.15 to protect your own natural lashes.
3. Find out how much training the salon’s therapist has had both in-house and by the brand or distributor whose lashes they carry.
4. Social media can also provide an insight into lash technician’s work, especially if their work is endorsed by a distributor or brand on its social media channels.

The Black Book of Eyelash Experts

Pastels Salon, Dubai – Resident brow and lash expert Laila Nazari offers natural results which won’t damage lashes.

The Dollhouse, Dubai – The brainchild of Mona Kattan and Basma Al Fahim this is where to go for a glamorous look.

Tip & Toes, Abu Dhabi – With expertly trained technicians, extensions and LVL treatments are quick and hassle free.

Josy’s Beauty Salon, Egypt – With 32 years of experience Josy is a Belgian beautician who trains all of her staff herself.

NStyle, Bahrain – There’s a reason why this brand is popping up all over the Middle East. Trustworthy services that last.

Maison de Joelle, Saudi Arabia – You can trust in Joelle Mardinian to only offer the best treatments that can be customized to you.

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