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4 Expert Tips on How to Do Face Baking Perfectly

Hugo Boss Womenswear Backstage, New York, Autumn/Winter 2016. Copyright James Cochrane February 2016. Tel +44 (0)7715169650

Backstage at Hugo Boss Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear.
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Makeup techniques that were once reserved for runways and photo shoots are now a mainstay in our morning makeup routines. MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist Vimi Joshi explains that face baking has a long-standing heritage in the professional beauty circuit. The technique skyrocketed to popularity among beauty devotees in recent years and refers to letting translucent powder sit under your eyes for upwards to ten minutes before dusting it off. The result? Flawless, creaseless eye makeup and brighter eyes in one go. Here, Joshi shares some expert tips to keep in mind.

1. Perhaps the most important rule when it comes to baking is to always apply your foundation and concealer first before you start layering on your powder.

2. Apply a generous layer of translucent powder under your eyes before you start working on your eye makeup. Eyeshadows tend to have fall-out, so the powder acts as a base for the residue to fall into, preventing it from muddling your foundation and concealer.

3. Opt for products suitable for your skin tone for a natural finish. Peach-colored powders work best for warm, olive skin tones as they help to neutralize dark undertones, while simultaneously brightening the under eye area.

4. Baking isn’t just reserved for the eyes. Translucent powder can also be applied underneath the hollows of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and on the center of your chin, for a highlighting, face-sculpting effect.

Here, everything you need to know about baking your face. 

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