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Exclusive: Whind’s New Fragrances Celebrate Morocco’s Most Beloved Perfume Notes

Moroccan beauty brand Whind has announced the upcoming launch of its first fragrances line, a collection of elixirs which center around the country’s most luxurious perfume notes. Known for championing regional ingredients in its ‘chemistry of glow’ skincare range, Whind’s newest release includes six eau de parfums, each created by master perfumer Jerome Epinette.

Whind founder, Hind Sebti, says the expansion to perfumes is the perfect way to continue telling Morocco’s modern beauty story. ”Whind fragrances honour the beauty heritage of the Arab world through the eyes of an Arab woman,” she explains. “It is an elixir collection that is anchored in familiar deeply loved local scents – rose, orange blossom, and oud – now reinterpreted with a modern, sharp, and most importantly, authentic to the region twist. I call it ‘ancestral modernity’; instantly recognisable and yet infinitely intriguing.” “This is a collection that was born around pleasures: scent-kissed skin, creations that blend knowledge and culture, and olfactive intuitions that evoke, suggest, charm and tempt,” adds Epinette.

In telling the story of her Morocco, Sebti takes the wearer from orange groves soaked in late afternoon sunlight, to intoxicatingly intimate riads, and iconic spice-laced souks. The collection includes two choices each of Whind’s take on orange blossom, and rose scents, with a refreshing citrus-mint tea scent, and a regionally-inspired oud.  “The first six fragrances are ‘anchored’ by the two orange flowers and the two roses, both so iconic scents, flanked by the freshness of Pomello Mint Tea Tee Leaves and the mystical seduction and sensuality of Oud Davana,” says Sebti. “It is an approach that makes a statement of our provenance.”

Neroli Bronze EDP orange blossom, pomello, brown sugar, cardamom, toasted papyrus.

Oud Davana EDP oud, davana, black pepper, saffron, jasmine, pistachio, coffee beans.

Saffron Rose EDP Kashmiri saffron, rose, coffee, incense, oud, vanilla.

Lalla La Rose EDP rose, peony, coconut milk, marshmallow, vanilla cream, spiced woods

Amber Tangerine EDP tangerine peel, herbs, incense, patchouli, tonka bean.

Pomelo Mint Tea Leaves EDP eucalyptus, spearmint, pomello, brown sugar, chamomile.

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