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Exclusive: This Vegan Haircare Launch Promises to Fix Hair Loss Issues with Botanical Science

Stuck choosing between haircare driven by science-heavy lab formulas, or naturally-derived ingredients? American brand Vegamour is part of the next wave of ‘clean’ beauty releases, which combine both methodically proven molecules with plant extracts. The brand has launched its GRO (Growth Without Compromise) collection exclusively at Sephora Middle East, with a shampoo and conditioner, hair serum, hair foam, and scalp serum included in the initial release, plus two different growth serums for lashes and brows. The line is aesthetically chic and packaged in a pale blush hue, with the orange blossom, bergamot, and yuzu scent specifically selected to stimulate and uplift as it triggers feel-good hormones.

Founded by Dan Hodgdon, who spent a decade developing sustainable supply chains for natural ingredients for some of the biggest haircare brands, says it was his experience with potent botanical extracts which inspired him to launch Vegamour. “When the clean beauty movement started getting popular, there was a lot of greenwashing going on. Products would have a huge picture of the featured plant on the packaging, but actually be using only a 00.1 percent concentration, and it’s been so processed and diluted that the actives become dormant.” He says that he wanted to preserve the integrity of the naturally effective actives, while creating formulas which are bio-available, meaning the ingredient can penetrate the hair or skin to deliver its benefits. The result is a line-up of products which boast impressive study results, with the GRO Hair Serum (AED258) reportedly increasing the appearance of hair density by up to 52 percent, and reducing signs of shedding by up to 76 per cent, according to trial subjects.

What makes Vegamour stand out from other brands, says Hodgdon, is how he worked on reverse-engineering how we use haircare products. “We needed to put together an ecosystem that is conducive to healthy hair growth,” he explains. “If you are using products which have silicones and synthetic chemicals, these build up on your scalp and hair strands, and interferes with the skin’s microbiome. It won’t be as healthy as it could be.” The Los Angeles-based founder says that increased levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is also a major concern for hair, with the natural aging process increasing the hormone and triggering a shortened hair growth cycle with early shedding and inflammation. He says that Vegamour’s use of Karmatin, the brand’s trademarked vegan silk protein, helps counteract this damage. “As hair is keratin, you need a similar structure to repair it. The animal keratin used in some other shampoos will wash away when rinsed.  Our Karmatin is vegan and has the molecules small enough to bond to the hair and fill the gaps, so it’s stronger and shinier without creating build up.”

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