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Exclusive: Razane Jammal is Announced as New Dior Beauty Ambassador

Razane Jammal has been announced as Dior’s beauty ambassador for the Middle East, in an exciting new role for the Lebanese-British actress.

Photo: Courtesy Dior

Her work with the French fashion and beauty house will see her celebrate Dior’s fragrances, makeup and skincare collections. Having previously been appointed in 2022 as a Dior Fashion Ambassador for the Middle East, Jammal will now step into the encompassing role of Dior Women’s Ambassador for the region.

“It brings me great pride to be representing the Middle East within Dior and to be expanding our collaboration into the world of beauty! I feel privileged to work with a brand committed to empowering women whilst being surrounded by women who inspire me each day,” shares Jammal. “I cannot wait to share with the public all the cool things we have lined up this year”.


Known for her heartfelt performances, Razane Jammal has appeared in both regional Arab projects and international performances. Starring in the Netflix Original series Paranormal (2020) and the DC Comics and Neil Gaiman adaption The Sandman (2022), both which ranked in the platform’s top ten most-watched shows for their respective years. Jammal also starred in the pan-Arab drama series Al Thaman, which was met with acclaim upon its release in early 2023. She’s been awarded for her role in Kira & El Gin, the highest-grossing film in Egyptian history, winning Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 49th edition of the Film Society Festival for Egyptian Cinema.

Off the silver screen, Razane Jammal has also caught the world’s eye on several occasions in noteworthy sartorial looks. Among her most exciting ensembles of late was her moment in Dior back in September 2023, when she was seen enjoying time off in Paris dressed in a crisp white shirt and patterned skirt. Check out the outfit below.

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