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Exclusive: Nobel Prize Winner-Founded Skincare Brand Launches in Middle East

Luxe skincare lovers are in for a treat, with niche skincare brand Noble Panacea soon to launch in the region, arriving at Ounass and Bloomingdale’s on February 1, 2023. A relatively new name, having first launched in 2019, Noble Panacea has quickly gained a cult following thanks to its combination of heavy-hitting potent formulas and environmental sustainability-focused single dose packaging. Founded by Sir Fraser Stoddart, a 2016 replicant of the Nobel Prize of Chemistry, Noble Panacea is often spotted on beauty editors’ and influencers’ vanities, with Middle Eastern clients previously having to stock up while travelling in the US and Europe.

As chic as it is science-based, the ‘green chemistry’ brand incorporates its own ‘OSMV technology’, Organic Super Molecular Vessel. “Organic Super Molecular Vessel, a groundbreaking system of encapsulation that protects and preprograms the release of actives for unparalleled skin health, explains Celine Talabaza, the brand’s CEO. Produced in small batches, taking 10 to 12 weeks to produce each formulation, the brand’s OSMV technology promises to slowly release active ingredients – combining both oils and water-soluble in a co-existing formula – so that the skin can be treated over a longer period. The three collections cover skin radiance, replenishment, and targeted treatment, for tailored anti-aging skincare. “There is nothing like it in the market right now when it comes to the level of science, the advanced delivery system and the commitment to sustainability,” she adds, telling VOGUE Arabia that it was Sir Stoddart’s background which convinced her of the range’s potential.  “Sir Fraser Stoddart is the reason why I joined this project before its inception as I realized his technology was about to be a game changer in how we deliver true skincare efficacy,” says Talabaza.

As a new launch for the Middle East, Talabaza says that the brand is ideal for the region’s skin-smart and discerning consumers. “Our historical relationship with the UAE is very strong, and Noble Panacea is the fruit of multicultural teamwork and cross-disciplinary collaborations which is very relevant in the Gulf region,” she explains. “Since our launch in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York, we have seen strong interest amongst Middle Eastern clients purchasing Noble Panacea from our website and brand enthusiasts coming back to our counter in Harrods in London.’ For the introduction to the Gulf region, Noble Panacea will offer both at-counter and in-store experiences. “We have chosen local partners, Bloomingdales and who understand luxury and curate their portfolios with great attention,” says Talabaza. “Bloomingdales will be providing a seamless shopping experience including personalized skin consultations and facial treatments which is a strong demand for us. Noble Panacea’s client is also a refined optimizer who looks for an impeccable high-end online shopping experience on”

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