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Exclusive: Huda’s New Rose Quartz Launch Combines Beauty With Self Care

Image: courtesy of Huda Beauty

The inspiration for the latest Huda Beauty launch has emerged from an unexpected source, as Huda Beauty and Wishful Skin founder, Huda Kattan continues her self love journey. After more than a year of turbulence and lockdowns, Kattan thought she would at least find some personal peace after moving home. But while trying to settle in, she still found herself feeling at odds with the space. “I had just moved into my new house, which I had originally planned to be for my future self, but wasn’t quite comfortable, even though I had designed every aspect to be for me,” she shares. “I felt like I don’t belong here, I’m not worthy to live here. One thing my feng shui master recommended to me for better energy was crystals, so I started adding crystals throughout the house.” Kattan soon found herself surrounding herself with crystals, and drawn to their soothing presence, she was particularly comforted by rose quartz. “I was choosing a lot of rose quartz from rose quartz end tables to rose quartz in the bedrooms,” she shares. “I was amazed by how peaceful it made the space, and I finally started to accept myself and improve my self-worth. I feel like the crystals were a big part of this new self-acceptance breakthrough.”

Image: courtesy of Huda Beauty

Inspired by both the energy she’s felt from rose quartz, and the crystals’ physical beauty, the brand founder knew that she had to capture rose quartz in her next collection. “It’s so much more than how the rose quartz looks, it’s also about the way they make you feel. This really aligns with our beauty philosophy, that it’s so important to have beauty products that make you feel good too.” The result is the first cohesive collaboration between Huda Beauty and Wishful Skin, the Rose Quartz collection. The range includes a rose quartz-inspired peel-off face mask, an 18-shade eyeshadow palette, silk lip balm, face gloss, and brush set.

Wishful Rose Quartz Lift & Glow Peel Off Mask. Image: courtesy of Huda Beauty

The skincare crossover element is courtesy of the new Wishful Rose Quartz Lift & Glow Peel Off Mask. A shimmering pink formula infused with quartz minerals, hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract, and lotus flower, it goes on wet and dries so it can be peeled off in a single piece. Kattan says the formula is ideal for reducing the appearance of pores, and delivering a tightening and brightening effect. The peeling factor gently lifts physically debris from the skin’s surface. “I actually tried it on my dad just before, and when we were peeling it off, you could see all of the blackheads and whiteheads from his pores just lifting out. It just deep cleans and tightens the skin all over.” As a weekly masking step, Kattan says that the mask is ideal for getting a little extra moment of self-care into your routine, taking 20 minutes to activate.

Rose Quartz Face Gloss. Image: courtesy of Huda Beauty

Kattan says that one of her favorite products in the launch is the Rose Quartz Face Gloss. “The texture is so amazing, you can use just on top of your skincare to add a little holographic sheen to cheekbones and lids. I’m kind of over the really bright and intense highlighters, and the gloss formula gives this subtle gleam. The color is inspired by Lovestone, one of the eye shadow shades in our palette, and gives a really makeup artist style dewy finish to your look.” After so many months of lockdown, Kattan says she’s predicting a return to woman wanting to get glammed up when it comes to beauty, and experiment with fun looks and textures. “The Face Gloss in particular brings a lot of fun to the collection, and I can’t wait to see how people play with it,” she adds.

Rose Quartz Face Palette. Image: courtesy of Huda Beauty

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