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Exclusive: Huda Beauty and Kayali Team Up For Lovefest, The Sisters’ First Ever Collab

Joining forces with their Huda Beauty and Kayali brands, the Kattan sisters have now announced their first collaboration, the aptly named Lovefest. Launching tonight, the collection is inspired by “that feel good festival energy” with a Burning Man-meets-Coachella vibe. “It celebrates an environment where individuals exchange love and light while celebrating individuality and authenticity,” explains Huda Kattan.  “I always value and promote uniqueness, and I believe the Lovefest collection exudes that while allowing for the fullest possible expression of yourself.”

The new makeup collection features a nine shade Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, two Cream Blushes, a Quick ‘n Easy Liquid Liner in rich brown, and a Lip Quad. We decided to concentrate on warm, intensely pigmented hues that stand out whether you’re out all-night partying with a full face of shimmers or flaunting a dewy summer sunset makeup — rich nude, brown, and terracotta shades combined with the dazzling purple, sequin-inspired shimmers,” says Huda.

For the scent of the summer, Kayali has released its new fragrance, Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48, a moreish mix of burning cherry, raspberry, praline, guaiac wood, patchouli, and palo santo. “I started working on this fragrance in 2020, and it was a time that I was really missing human connection and being around my friends and family,” shares Mona Kattan. “Lovefest is an ode to the good times — past and present — and about celebrating love, freedom, and hope! With Kayali’s Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48, I wanted to capture all of those feelings in a bottle so that people are reminded to live life to the fullest with every spritz.”

Below, the Kattan sisters exclusively shared with Vogue Arabia their favorite festival memories and tips for trying their new joint collection.

What’s your favorite product from the collection? What are your wearing it?
Huda: This collection is full of staple items, but the Cream Blush is my current fave! I’m obsessed with the two shades we’ve developed, and even more obsessed with the packaging which has a hidden message that reveals itself in the mirror as you move it in different angles! My go-to natural glow hack would be to apply the blush directly onto my cheeks and blend using either my fingers or our Face | Cheek Color Brush.
Mona: It’s no surprise that Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48 is my favorite pick from the collection. It’s the first juice we’ve launched in almost nine months and a lot of work went into making this luscious, woody scent. Plus, I am obsessed with the cherry note, and I loved that I was able to add a little smoky twist. As important as it is to spray on pulse points, I always recommend you spray on your clothes as well to increase projection and longevity. If going for skin, it’s always great to moisturize first with balm or lotion before spritzing that way the fragrance has something to ‘stick’ to.

Which do you prefer – festival or disco?
Huda: Always disco!
Mona: Festival! I love that free-spirited, bohemian vibe.

Favorite musical memory?
Huda: When I was younger, I remember saving up to buy a CD player and then I bought my first album by The Fugees. I remember being obsessed with them and their songs being such a big part of my childhood.
Mona: Abri singing ‘One in A Million’ by Aaliyah, since I dedicated that song to my husband, Hassan.

Dream festival musical line-up?
Huda: There’s something I just love about old school Rock N’ Roll for a festival, and I obviously love late 90s, early 2000s hip-hop and RnB. I think my dream lineup would definitely be a mashup of Nirvana, Jay Z, Lil Kim, Mobb Deep!
Mona: Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Empire of The Sun, MGMT, Khaled, Sam Smith, and Jorja Smith.

Would we find you on the dance floor?
Huda: I’ll for sure be on the dance floor, but I’m also just happy swaying my arms in the crowd! I like to be with the people wherever that is.
Mona: I love to dance! But as far as my signature move, I just do whatever I feel and let the music do the work.

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