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Exclusive: Hindash’s New Makeup Collection Includes His First Ever Lipsticks

Dubai-based beauty entrepreneur Hindash has been busy, with a total of six exciting new products launching from his namesake brand. After the successful 2021 launches of his Beautopsy Palette and Heroline Eyeliner, the celebrity makeup artist and brand founder has now dropped his next major release His second palette, Monochromance, features six innovative gradient pigments in a fresh spectrum of shades inspired by the life-cycle of love.

A brand new product launch for the Jordanian, Color Fluid is a universally flattering shimmer, in the champagne hue Boy Tears. Hindash Cosmetics is also venturing into its first dedicated lip products, with two new lipsticks. Rest in Roses is a buildable, velvet balm in a warm rose shade. Call Me Peaches is a flattering peachy hue, with a rich matte finish. Two pencils round out the new drop, a creamy chocolate eye kohl pencil, and a rosewood lip pencil to work with all complexions.

Coinciding with the launch of his full collection release, Hindash exclusively shares with Vogue Arabia his inspiration for the collection.

Talk us through the new launches.
My spring collection, Monochromance, opens up with a new palette that follows my Beautopsy Gradient Palette. It includes more playful tones and pastels that compliment my existing products.

I have an eyeshadow/multi-use ultra shimmer topper called ‘Boy Tears’ in the new Color Fluid product line. This is so exciting and special to me because it transforms all your Beautopsy and Monochromance matte eyeshadow looks into dreamy sparkles and extreme shimmers.

We then have two pencils, the Eye Tone Pencil in Intra, a warm chocolate brown that follows the shade Intra in the Beautopsy palette, and Lip Tone Pencil in Hush, a caramel nude to flatter the new lipsticks.

My new Manifesto lipsticks debut with two formulas, Matte Balm and Ultra Matte. The first shade called Rest In Roses is a universal, unisex deep cherry that flatters all skin tones. Can be applied sheer for a healthy flush of rose stain, or applied more heavily for a vibrant deep cherry. It’s hydrating, lightweight, matte. It’s my everyday go to lip. Works beautifully as a lip topper!

Lastly we have Call Me Peaches which is a true vibrant peach nude. It is an Ultra Matte finish that’s weightless with full coverage color. I love mixing peachy nudes into all my lipsticks and this has the most beautiful warm undertones. Pairs beautifully with the Hush Lip Tone Pencil. All products are vegan.

What was the inspiration behind the Monochromance palette?
Monochromance was inspired by my love of art and obsession with love songs and themes of romance. I didn’t want to create a theme that only explores love, I also wanted to tap into the heartbreak theme. The warmer colors represent the bloom of love, and the cooler more colorful colors represent the downfall of love and lust. This palette definitely inspires creativity and colorful combinations, my eye keeps traveling alongside all the gradient color pans and I keep thinking of endless looks.

How does the new palette fit in alongside Beautopsy?
I wanted Monochromance to be the sister palette for Beautopsy. I worked on it alongside Beautopsy to make sure all the colors work beautifully in harmony. All the combinations blend beautifully into one another to create even more flattering shades across all skin tones. I never want to repeat shades and colors, so you have options to suit your preferences.

Talk through your move into lip products – why these formulas and shades?
Lip products are so important to me and I knew I had to launch my universal, cherry tinted balm because that’s all I wear. It enhances your natural lip shade and brightens up your face, and it’s the perfect No-Makeup makeup staple. I also wanted to create it in a hydrating matte balm formula to appeal to everyone. My second shade is Call Me Peaches and it’s an Ultra Matte true vibrant peach nude. I love a peach nude to warm up the face and create sultry smoky looks with. The formula can be applied lightly as a blurred lip or in full intensity. Extremely lightweight and velvety. Both have a coconut vanilla scent that is a nostalgic summer scent for me!

Color Fluid is your first shimmer finish – what do you love about it?
It was very important for me to create a universal ‘topcoat’ highlighter that can be sheered out or applied straight from the applicator for a full mirror like finish. Boy Tears is a clear champagne base that is made of multi-shimmer pearls that are extremely reflective. It’s truly magical. I stressed on having multi color pearls such as pink, blue, green and purple to make it truly universal and flattering. Tapping a little bit over the eyes transforms any eye look into a dreamy shimmery eye without altering the color underneath. A little goes a long way!

How do you envision the new launches being used together?
I’m so exciting to be able to create a full face of Hindash Cosmetics in color products! I filmed an exclusive YouTube video showing the entire collection and products working in harmony. The looks and color combinations are endless and so fun to play with. They truly work in harmony and strengthen each other.

How has the first year of Hindash Cosmetics gone? What have been the highs and lows?
It’s been such a surreal year. It feels a couple of years has gone by. We launched the brand and Beautopsy on the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, my hometown and the base of the brand. We later launched Heroline Eyeliner in Times Square, New York. Going from releasing two products a year to six products in February 2022 is so crazy to me. I have definitely learnt a lot from both of my hero products and set a standard for what the future releases and quality of products will be and I am incredibly proud of that. The only low is the pressure of juggling everything I do, but you learn to prioritize with time. I can’t wait for you to see Hindash Cosmetics expand!

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