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Exclusive: Carolina Herrera’s New Fragrance is Inspired by Arabian Hospitality

Carolina Herrera Gold Myrrh Absolute

Caroline Herrera Gold Myrrh Absolute

Proving a Gulf-inspired fragrance doesn’t always have to pay homage to oud, Gold Myrrh Absolute by Carolina Herrera is based on myrrh, the ancient resin known for its spiced notes. A Middle East exclusive and the fourth addition to the designer’s Eastern Treasures collection, the new perfume was developed specifically for the region’s fragrance aficionados.

Carolina A. Herrera, beauty creative director for Carolina Herrera and daughter of the namesake brand founder, says that the new fragrance is a tribute to Middle Eastern perfumery traditions following her personal trips to the region, specifically to the United Arab Emirates. “My way of understanding fragrance changed radically the first time I visited the Persian Gulf. I was fascinated by the way fragrance was not something to wear, but an atmosphere, a way of introducing beauty in everyday life,” she tells Vogue Arabia.

Carolina A Herrera

Carolina A. Herrera

“In Middle East, perfume is a sign of hospitality, a way of letting the other people know that you care for them and really appreciate their company. When I started working on Gold Myrrh, I had this warm-hearted generosity in mind, as well as the expressive, fearless celebration of gold that you can find in each piece of jewelry, decorative objects and architectural elements. This perfume is not only about luxury, but about a way of celebrating togetherness and the things that unite us.”

Centered around the rare myrrh base notes, Gold Myrrh Absolute blends floral top notes of immortelle and spicy black pepper, before softening into sweet licorice and cacao. The lingering base features the namesake myrrh, plus the warmth of vanilla.

“Gold Myrrh captures the magnificence of this raw material, one of the most ancient ingredients used in perfumery,” explains the younger Herrera. “[It] evokes the opulence, the sensibility and the overwhelming beauty of the Middle East.”

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