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Exclusive: Amouage’s New Collection Explores the Complexities of Omani Frankincense

Luxury fragrance house Amouage plans to add to its collection with the launch of four intriguing new eaux de parfums. The third chapter for the Omani fragrance house’s Odyssey Collection, the new quartet of scents champions “Oman’s greatest treasure” royal frankincense. Amouage’s creative director, Renaud Salmon, explains that Oman’s raw ingredients continue to be the catalyst for this nuanced launch. “When exploring Oman, you can often feel like touching treasures in a very pure way. A lot of my ideas come from traveling alone, from going somewhere,” he shares. “The third chapter of The Odyssey Collection emulates this escapism and Oman’s memorable redolence. This collection is a singular, introspective olfactory voyage that should stir successive feelings of curiosity with Lineage, courage with Search, inner triumph with Guidance and a sense of awakening with Purpose.”

The four fragrances each draw their inspiration from Masirah Island, a wild desert outpost off Oman’s mainland and isolated by the depths of the Arabian Sea. “By focusing this collection on the barren Omani island of Masirah, I wanted to pay tribute to Amouage’s roots in a contemporary language, staying true to the House’s ethos, or ‘wave’, to bring cultures and generations together,” says Salmon. Each perfume captures a moment from this desert island, utilizing nature-inspired notes which evoke a sense of place. Each is housed in a sea glass-esque flacon, the translucent shades reflecting the natural hues of the Omani island’s landscapes. Abstract artwork by Belgian artist Louise Mertens features on the bottles, complimented in the campaign imagery by one-of-a-kind sculptures by Olivia Van Impe. Translating the desolate beauty of Masirah to sound, the collection is released alongside a five-track EP of original soundtracks produced by Belgian music producer Cøpal, and available to download on major streaming platforms.

Guidance EDP, by perfumer Quentin Bisch

“An addictive and modern take on the Amouage triad of rose, frankincense and ambergris.” Creamy almond milk, pear, and frankincense envelope threads of rare saffron, roses, and osmanthus blossoms. Rich vanilla is folded into sheer jasmine and sandalwood notes, anchored by labdanum and ambergris.


EDP, by perfumer Karine Vinchon-Spehner

“A dream of faraway…sundrenched horizons, empty lands.” Radiant ginger, sea spray, and Sichuan pepper refresh myrrh, frankincense, and fenugreek. A base of velvety vetiver and patchouli mingles with benzoin and labdanum.

Purpose EDP, by perfumer Quentin Bisch

“A shamanic awakening, the scent of feeling at peace, of finding your roots, of feeling complete.” Mineral woods interwoven with intense spices – pimento berry, pink pepper – highlight a curious meeting of bergamot and frankincense. Smoky sand vetiver, wild rose, papyrus, sandalwood, suede and saffron soften the primal edge of aldehydes and akigalawood.

Search EDP, by perfumer Alexis Grugeon

“The virile energy of resilient minds unafraid to fight their inner darkness to become their ideal self.” A trio of citrus – lemon, lime, and mandarin – add a lively rush to the elemi and Hojari Frankincense mid-notes. A base of smoky cade, guaiacwood, and vetiver support the continuing hum of bright citrus fruits.

Amouage Odyssey Collection: Chapter III Escape launches globally on February 1, 2023. OMR130 for each 100ml EDP spray bottle.

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