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Emma Sawko Talks Superfoods, Wellness and Wild & The Moon

Emma Sawko of Wild & The Moon

Emma Sawko the founder of Wild & The Moon. Courtesy of Wild & The Moon

The end of the year is drawing ever closer. Nights are arriving sooner and final deadlines are looming. That’s not to mention cold and flu season. No doubt your body is in need of an extra boost. This is where superfoods come in handy. The talented team at Wild & The Moon has introduced 11 superfoods created from raw and pure ingredients alongside four potent superfood mixes. Ultra-convenient to use, Emma Sawko the founder of Wild & The Moon opens up about these new arrivals, her wellness routine and the biggest myth about nutrition.

What is a superfood?

The term superfood is given to food with exceptional qualities. It can be one with a very high antioxidant activity, an adaptogen (food that has a capacity to balance your hormones), food that demonstrates a potent anti-bacterial or anti-tumoral activity, or a great immunity booster. To say the truth, the term itself is fairly new and “marketed”, but it appeared as research started to really investigate active food molecules with health benefits. And it turned out, some are actually standing out.

Why are people not getting enough nutrients in their everyday lives?

Over the years, our diets have gone south with the inclusion of more processed food, sugar, white flour, and preservatives. Even people with a more traditional diet are exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Soils are depleted and most food is grown aboveground anyway, on artificial substrates, resulting in plants being completely devoid of nutrients.

Why do we need superfoods?

Our bodies need a special blend of nutrients, vitamins, anti-bacterial molecules, etc. to function optimally. These should come from a balanced diet; if you harvest yourself wild, local, organically grown vegetables from rich, untouched soil, you possibly don’t need extra superfood. If not, you may find that adding a few selected superfoods in your diet to be beneficial and give you a real boost.

How did you decide on your superfood blends?

We wanted our blends to cater for modern ailments. People are more stressed, our immune system is being heavily taxed, the lack of adequate nutrients is showing on our skin. And our blends fix that. It’s been a collaboration between chefs, nutritionists, and naturopaths. The blends are made from superfood we have been using individually and know well. But for our recipes, we have been specifically working on the synergy between ingredients. Some elements, for example, can be very potent on their own, but when you mix two of them together the benefits are found to increase tenfold! And this is what we have been working on for months. We often take our inspiration from traditional medicine and back it up with modern science.

Where do you source your ingredients?

As with all our food, we have a long list of requirements! Food has to be organic but preferably biodynamic, growing in soil, locally, and seasonally. Absolutely no pesticides or chemicals. We prefer going with wild varieties, endemic to their regions and we meet the producers, talk to them. The superfoods are often more difficult to source locally. When food comes from abroad, we want to make sure it is ethical, and the growers have a fair share of their production.

What are the three most exciting superfoods you’re currently using?

Reishi also made quite a difference over time. This mushroom, a key ingredient in this superfood, is known as an immunity booster and I have been using it regularly in hot drinks for my family and myself. After a few months, I realized none of us had caught the odd cold or flu during the Parisian winter. I also have a personal liking of Acai. I love its vibrant color and tangy taste and I add it virtually everywhere.

Wild & The Moon, Superfoods

Courtesy of Wild & The Moon

How can people decide on the best superfood for them?

That’s precisely the reason why we created our formulas. Talking with our customers, we tried to address the most common issues and worked on synergetic blends: Beauty, Detox, Relax, and Energy Mix – There is a superfood specially created for their needs.

What is the best way of ingesting superfood powders?

It’s very easy. Just add it to your breakfast, yogurt, or salad. Or mix it into your smoothie, or juice, or tea. Keep in mind though that our blends are made from super active raw, dehydrated, powders of plants to keep all their benefits, so it’s better not to cook it to give away valuable vitamins and enzymes. Also, some components are liposoluble, meaning they are better assimilated with a bit of fat. Adding them to something containing natural fats like almonds, avocado, seeds or coconut oil will help your body make the most of them.

What is the biggest misconception about nutrition?

Fat makes you fat. Good fats are actually essential to our brain function, hormonal balance, and skin health.

What’s your morning wellness routine?

I work out every morning, rain or shine. I alternate between Muay Thai and yoga. It gives me energy for the day. I often don’t have time for breakfast during the week and make a big smoothie to take away at the office. It keeps me going until lunch without hunger pangs or energy drops. On the weekends I take the time to sit at the breakfast table for a real breakfast with my family.

And evening?

After a day at work, I really need to unwind and release a whole day of stress. I always want to be there for my family and leave all my worries at the door. I make sure to step outside and take in nature before coming home as part of my daily ritual. In Dubai, I’m lucky I can take long walks on the beach, barefoot. I made these walks at sunset with the sound of waves a sort of moving meditation. When I come home, I am refreshed and peaceful.

What is your motto when it comes to nutrition and wellness?

Have a joyful and relaxed approach to food. Explore new tastes, put a lot of color on your plate and don’t be too serious!

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