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How to Do Your Own Henna This Eid, as Taught by Azra Khamissa
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Azra Khamissa photographed by Abdulla Elmaz for Vogue Arabia

The practice of henna is deeply ingrained within traditional Arabian beauty and most notably associated with celebrations, such as weddings and the bi-annual Islamic holidays. The body art, made using plant-based dye, has long been synonymous with deep brown-colored spirals, curlicues, and flowers. Henna enthusiast and handbag designer, Azra Khamissa however, takes on a more contemporary approach to the ritual.

Her unique and modern designs were quick to take Instagram by storm within a span of only two years and even lead to the launch of her very own henna brand named Azra. The product under her namesake brand features no ordinary henna formula as Khamissa claims it is non-toxic and “pure natural goodness.”

“Made with care and dedication, by hands, for your hands,” wrote Khamissa announcing the product. “After two years of trial and error, giving up, and then trying again, we have a beautifully branded henna cone! Just in time for Eid.” Explaining more about the formula she added: “The color, is deep and dark; the smell, just perfect; the size, making it nice and easy to use. No toxicity, no-nonsense, just pure natural goodness.”

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“My henna designs are a complete contrast to what people in the Middle East are used to,” she previously shared with “Henna is something I am very passionate about; it makes me feel alive and allows me to express my artistic side. The best thing about it is that unlike a tattoo, I can update the designs regularly and natural henna is actually good for your skin.”

Her minimalistic designs feature intricate sketches and trend-driven patterns, serving perfect inspiration for body-art this Eid. Her mini-tutorial on the stunning body-art teaches the essential henna basics you should follow if you’re planning on henna painting this holiday.

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