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Why Eco-Friendly Glitter is Key When Achieving Your Summer Sparkle


Photographer: Zoë Noble

Summer, sun, and sparkle. The three go hand in hand. A sweep of glitter across the lids or lips can transform any look. But at what cost does it have on the environment? Most glitter is created from microparticles of plastic. Estimated to take over 1,000 years to biodegrade, these tiny particles have been compared to the microbeads, which have since been banned in many countries across the world including the UK. Destroying the environment, they end up in the soil and water, including the ocean which is one of the industries prime victims. They are also ingested by animals leading to the congestion of some of their most vital organs. The good news? Beauty companies are fighting back against this problem. Enter the era of eco-friendly glitter.

As the demand for glitter is at an all-time high, some companies like Projekt Glitter and EcoStardust are setting a new standard with plastic-free sparkles. This new wave of biodegradable glitter is formed from plant cellulose or synthetic mica. Arriving in a variety of shapes and colors, it offers products that sparkle and shine, that the beauty trends are calling for. However, for many companies, this still isn’t enough. Meeting the demands of the industry they are still working with plastic-based glitters, as they continue to offer a vast amount more variety. What’s more just because glitter holds a biodegradable certification doesn’t mean it is completely free of microplastics. Although the glitter will decompose at a fast rate in the earth, this isn’t the same for water, where the vast majority ends up.

As with every movement, it’s down to the consumer to make the right choices. As the demand for eco-friendly glitter options rise more brands will take note and invest more in developing new products with biodegradable and plant-based glitters. For the consumer, it’s time to sparkle safely with these eco-friendly glitter options.

Projekt Glitter


Courtesy of Projekt Glitter 

Gypsy Shrine



Courtesy of The Gypsy Shrine 



Courtesy of EcoStardust

Wild Glitter


Courtesy of Wild Glitter

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