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Dyson’s Corrale Hair Straightener Launches in the UAE and KSA

Dyson Corrale

Courtesy of Dyson

First, we were blown away by the Supersonic then wowed by the Airwrap. Now, technology giant Dyson completes the trifecta with the Corrale. A cordless straightening tool that also curls and waves too, it moves away from the brand’s air-based technologies, instead, working with intelligent, flexible manganese copper alloy plates to style the hair. Seven years in the making with over £100 million (Dh486 million) spent on haircare research, the Corrale finally makes its way to the UAE and KSA.

In a market filled with straightening tools, the Corrale stands out like its predecessors for focusing on hair health. According to Dyson and its extensive trials, the Corrale styles hair with 50 percent less heat damage than traditional hair straighteners. This is all down to the plates, that adapt to the thickness of your locks. The only straightening tool on the market with flexible plate technology, it gathers your hair together instead of letting it splay. This allows the plates to provide only the necessary amount of tension and heat right down to the end of your hair’s length. Such an important feature of the styling tool, its name is a play on the word corral which means “to gather together”.

Suitable for all hair types the Corrale offers three different heat settings: 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F) that can be adjusted. As with the other Dyson tools, the heat is regulated with the Corrale plates doing this 100 times a second meaning no heat fluctuation and in turn damage to hair. Arriving with a charging dock you can opt to use it with a wire or cordless. For those opting for the latter, the Corrale takes 70 minutes to fully recharge offering 30 minutes of cord-free styling. When picking the Corrale up you may notice it’s a bit heavier than your average tool, however, don’t let this put you off as styling time is significantly cut down with its unique technology.

Other points of interest are the Dyson “note”, that tells you when the straighter is ready to use after reaching your desired temperature. The tool also includes a flight mode feature. For when we get back up and traveling, you simply detach the small square that features an airplane sign and the battery is then safe to be packed into your carry-on luggage. Arriving at AED/SAR 1 999 it is a considerable investment in comparison to conventional styling tools. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. The Corrale is innovative with years of research and features advanced technology making it not just another straightener.

The Dyson Corrale is available directly on for AED1,999 and on for SAR2,369

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