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This Dubai Based Clinic Is Fighting Hair Loss In The Middle East


A mixing station for Harklinikken products. Courtesy of Harklinikken

Middle Eastern women are known for their long, lustrous locks. However, maintaining hair health isn’t as always easy as it may initially appear. Environmental factors like harsh water, sun exposure, heat, and humidity can all take their toll. Not to mention lifestyle choices that include products featuring harsh chemicals and hot styling tools. Here to offer your hair a little time, love and care, is Danish hair restoration experts Harklinikken. A pioneer in the world of hair regrowth, the clinic which is now in Dubai offers customized treatments to ensure each of their clients’ needs are met with its proprietary products.


The Harklinikken product line. Courtesy of Harklinikken

Founded in Copenhagen in 1992 by Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken has treated over 100,000 clients worldwide with its clinics in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Reykjavik, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Tampa, Los Angeles, and New York. Renowned for unparalleled results, customization is key with an expert hair specialist first assessing the client’s status. Working with both men and women, they can help to combat everything from hereditary hair loss prevention. For many a traumatic experience, results take up to three to four months where clients will not only see re-growth but also improved texture and quality of the hair.


The Hair Extract formula by Harklinikken. Courtesy of Harklinikken

Located in Jumeirah, the clinic offers free consultations to find out if you are a candidate for the treatments. From there a plan is created using Harklinikken’s specially formulated products. Free from artificial color, perfume, silicone, sls/sles, petrochemicals, parabens or other problematic preservatives they are not only effective but gentle on the scalp and hair too. The Harklinikken Hair Extract is its star product, only available for purchase for clients who have been evaluated as a good candidate. Hand blended it is adjusted throughout the treatment, to suit every one of its client’s unique hair loss stories.

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