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This Small Brand Is Dua Lipa’s Secret To Hydrated Hair And Skin


“I created Dizziak because I needed it,” Loretta de Feo tells Vogue. “I was let down time and time again by products that didn’t work on my hair, and which weren’t available on the high street. A change had to come, and that change was Dizziak.” Founded in the spring of 2018, the minimalist product line has since been garlanded with awards and can be found in bathrooms around the world. Including in the home of Dua Lipa, no less, who recently invested in the brand – more on which later.


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Dizziak is perhaps most famous for its Hydration Wash and Deep Conditioner. De Feo – who estimates she has around five different textures in her own hair – created the (paraben-, sulphate-, silicone- and mineral oil-free) line to rectify the glaring gap she identified in the market and deliver healthy, hydrated hair, whatever its texture. Dizziak then segued into body care with The Body Conditioner, the third product de Feo launched and one of Dua’s personal favorites. It sinks in instantly, and is your ticket to rehydrating skin quickly.

This month, the brand launches its newest addition, the Body Scrub, which is as inclusive as the rest of the line and geared towards all body skin types, whether sensitive or spot-prone. “It’s a deep-cleaning, powerful exfoliant that polishes away dead skin cells to reveal box-fresh soft skin underneath,” explains de Feo of the invigorating formula. “It uses powdered rice hulls to do the heavy lifting – they’re coarse enough to shuck off the dull cells clinging to the skin’s surface, but gentle enough to avoid being harsh or scratchy, something often found with most body scrubs.”

Given that dull limbs are practically the norm in the colder months, this is the product to try if you want to reinstate that summertime glow, plus it’s the perfect partner to the brand’s Body Conditioner, which locks in moisture and hydration after use. De Feo’s top tip is to make your shower really hot and steamy, and then apply the scrub in circular motions – it will help boost luminosity and stimulate the lymphatic system to shift toxins and puffiness from the body.

So what does de Feo believe makes a cult brand? “I think authenticity plays a big part, as well as the performance of the products,” she explains. “There’s no BS or marketing claims with any of my products, in fact we’ve spent barely anything on marketing – the five star consumer reviews we consistently achieve speak for themselves.” She also adds that every product she creates is there because “it’s needed, best in class and doesn’t already exist”, something she considers to be important from a sustainability perspective as much as anything else.

With a whole world of luxury beauty products at her fingertips, Dua’s recent investment in and endorsement of this small brand is a seal of approval that will help launch it into the stratosphere. Drawn to Dizziak’s ethos of making healthy hair care products that are accessible to people with all hair types, Dua praised the brand for being “in a category all of their own”. She said: “I love the story, love Loretta, love the brand and the products, and I think you will too!” Add to basket immediately.

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