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Dua Lipa Shares the Unexpected Way She Applies Her Lipstick

As an award-winning singer, song writer, and sometimes Barbie mermaid, Dua Lipa has been leading beauty trends with her signature winged liner and glossy red mane. Now fans can shop her look, with the English-Albanian star has just announced as Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s global makeup ambassador.

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Already representing the French brand as the face of its Libre fragrance collection, Lipa’s new role sees her in her first makeup campaign for YSL Beauty. Launching the Loveshine lip collection, the newly-released campaign shot in Morocco, a favorite home and place of inspiration for Saint Laurent. “Dua Lipa brings an electrifying energy to our brand, inspiring women to not just wear makeup, but to make a statement about who they are and what they stand for,” says Stephan Bezy, International General Manager YSL Beauty “Her influence is a celebration of individuality, a statement of empowerment, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique beauty with confidence.”

Speaking exclusively to Vogue Arabia about her new role with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Dua Lipa shares her favorite makeup tips and how she embraces both her feminine and masculine energies.

Vogue Arabia: Congratulations on your new role! How does it feel to be Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s new global makeup ambassador?
Dua Lipa: First of all, I feel like it was just such a natural progression. I’ve been working with YSL Beauty for five years now for Libre fragrance. And so to be asked to also expand into cosmetics has been such a dream and just feels really nice. I feel like I’ve always been like part of the family so to keep our relationship going is lovely.

I know it’s been a very short time in your new role, but has it already impacted how you approach beauty?
I’m constantly learning how to do new tricks with makeup and how to use it and what kind of product has worked for me. I’m working so closely with a team who takes so much care into every little product and what ingredients goes in it. Knowing how that’s all created has been absolutely fascinating. So it’s just been a real learning journey for me.

How would you describe the YSL woman?
I think the thing that I connect with so much with the YSL woman is the fact that she can be hyper feminine, but then also have a very tough masculine energy as well. I think that aspect of it is very me. I love the duality, whether it’s in beauty or in fashion of being able to do something really glamorous, but then something really pared back and natural. Even in the fashion, [wearing] something that’s very bright and makes me feel hyper feminine and sexy, but then also sometimes really boyish in a tuxedo. I love those dualities and I think I feel very at home with that.

What’s your go-to makeup product?
I have an obsession with lipstick, so I literally can’t leave the house without it. If I wear no other makeup, lipstick is one thing that I have to with me. The YSL Love Shine lipstick is my favorite. I love the more nudie-brownie colors, so the one that I’ve just been wearing nonstop is shade 15. It gives me that really nice hydrating feeling, but also gives me the color that I like to bring out my features.

Are there any makeup tricks you’ve learned from working with the YSL makeup artists, for the red carpet or for day to day wear?
For day to day, what I love about the lipstick is I kind of use it all over my face. So whether that’s just to get color on my cheeks or if I want a glossy eyelid or like to be honest, having a lipstick in your bag and then at the last minute you’ve got a dinner – it’s like, all right, I know exactly what I’m doing! I pop it on all over my face and I just feel like it gives me a little bit of something, I love that. I love like just putting lipstick basically in a ‘w shape’ over my face and over the bridge of my nose. It gives me a real kind of blushy look. Putting lipstick on my cheeks has been something that I’ve seen my mom do. Everything I know really about makeup from like the early days is from watching my mom do hers. My mom loves to do her own makeup and she’s very glamorous.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?
I think a lot of my beauty inspirations are all from the nineties. I love the really glossy, dewy skin. It kind of looks like there’s no makeup on, like after hours and a little bit messy after a night of dancing. Kate Moss is definitely one of my beauty muses and also Kristen McMenamy. There’s just a real effortlessness to their beauty style.


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Is that effortlessness something that really appeals to you?
Yes, I also love a real low maintenance look. For the products in my makeup bag, I know exactly how to use them and it’s just very easy, very quick and I can get out the door really fast. It’s just foolproof. Low maintenance makeup that makes me feel really good is my ideal. [YSL’s new] All Hours Foundation is perfect because I put it on once for the day. It’s got a really nice mattifying effect. But then it’s also got hyaluronic acid in it, which is great for hydration. So it’s like the best of both worlds. I’m like, I don’t want the shine, but I still want the hydration. I don’t want to keep putting it on and I just feel really good throughout the day. The less I have to apply it, the better and it’s party-proof for sure.

You’re traveling a lot and are known for your amazing travel style – what are your on-the-go beauty must-haves?
Apart from my lipstick, sunscreen is my number one, I think it’s so important to protect your skin. If I’m tanned, I probably wouldn’t use as much foundation, so lipstick and mascara are my go-to when I’m on holiday.

And for fragrance, obviously YSL Libre must be your signature?
I mean, the classic one is my baby. That’s the one that I really have everywhere with me. I was there for the creation of it and from the very first stages, so I’m very connected to that one. But I think my next favorite is the L’Absolu Platine. There’s something about the white lavender in it that is really special.

Let’s talk about music – what can we expect from the new Dua Lipa album?
It’s a sonic departure for sure. For the new record, it’s more psychedelic and more organic in different ways. I feel like the live instrumentation was super important to me after touring for so long and I just really wanted to have that translate into the new album. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

So your live music has really been an inspiration.
Touring has been such a big part of my career from the very beginning, I feel like I owe a lot of my success to really just being able to go and perform everywhere. On my first album, I went around the world three times just filming and I have a real love for it. I also love exploring new places, experiencing different crowds, and learning something different about different cultures around the world, so that’s always just something to look forward to. I feel very lucky that my job allows me to have all these different experiences and to learn so much. I think staying curious is the most important thing for a human being. You’re always learning, you’re always discovering new things, and I just love that about life.

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