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Everything You Need To Know Before Your Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery, whether it’s invasive or not, always has the potential to turn out risky if the patient is not careful. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, the star of E!’s reality television series Botched, is soon to be arriving in the Middle East to share his knowledge and expertise. Setting up shop in Dubai’s renowned Nova Clinic from April 21 to 23 he will be undertaking surgeries neck up and also specializes in reversing the damage from procedures gone wrong. Here, prior to his arrival, the doctor shares his top tips to consider before you book your next appointment.

Do your research
“Go to a specialist for your procedure. Understand that it’s a real surgery, and that there are risks. It’s not risk-free. Know what you are getting yourself into.”

Good health is key
“It’s important to be in good health both mentally and physically. Take care of your body leading up to surgery and make sure that this is a healthy decision for you to make, in all ways. Additionally, no smoking is allowed at least 6 weeks before and after surgery, so it’s a great opportunity to give it up completely.”

Stay hydrated
“Always ensure to hydrate your skin beforehand. Prepare your dermis for surgery by using deeply moisturizing products, such as HydroScreen by Nassif MD Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals.”

Have a plan
“Make sure you can stay in the area for at least 14 days post-surgery and schedule any aftercare and hotel reservations in advance. You will have very important post-op appointments directly after your surgery that must be attended in person, and it’s best to prepare your trip and make sure there are no surprises once you arrive.”

Manage your expectations
“You will be swollen with potential for bruising after surgery. Facial procedures heal slowly and asymmetry is normal within the first year after surgery. I advise my patients to relax, follow your post-operative guidelines, and check in with your doctor as scheduled so you heal correctly and comfortably.”

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