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Dr. Maryam Zamani Swears By These Three Skincare Essentials

Dr Maryam Zamani

Dr Maryam Zamani. Courtesy of MZ Skincare

When it comes to the world of skincare it can often be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to find a doctor you can trust in. Leading Facial Aesthetics and Oculoplastic Surgeon, and founder of MZ Skin Dr. Maryam Zamani is one such person. Her own skin speaks for her work and products, glistening even when jetlagged and having spent the day running to meetings. “I don’t think anybody needs lots of different skincare. More is not necessarily more, but having good skincare that works synergistically together and has also undergone clinical trials is key,” she says. The top products in her beauty arsenal? “Sunscreen, retinol, and vitamin C. These are my three absolute musts to reveal, enhance and protect the skin,” she adds.

Courtesy of MZ Skincare


“Everybody should be using an SPF of a minimum of 30. If you’re outside, you need to constantly be reapplying with ideally 50. I would go for broad spectrum, so covering UVA and UVB. Think of A for aging, that causes premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, think sunspots. UVB is the one that burns your skin, so B for burning and A for aging. Foundations with SPF 15 or 20 are not enough. When it comes to reapplying sunscreen if you are wearing makeup, I love mineral powders. They take away some of the moisture from the skin and you’re topping up your SPF at the same time. ” she advises.


“You have to use retinol sparingly. Start with an over-the-counter product. If you are using pure retinol over a booster, begin by using it only twice a week. Do that for a month and then slowly increase it to every other day, then you can use it daily. After that, you can take a break for a couple of weeks. It’s amazing, it helps decrease pigmentation, it increases cell turnover, it increases collagen production, it helps fight acne. What more do you want from a skincare product? The only time not to use it is when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. You must also wear SPF with retinol, whether it’s a day formulation or night formulation it does make your skin a little bit more sensitive to UV radiations,” says Dr. Zamani.

Vitamin C

“You can never have too much vitamin C. It’s an antioxidant. Oxidation means that there are free radicals on our skin, byproducts of pollution, our environment and stress, etc. Anti-oxidants go and sort of eat them up. Think of the free radicals as the balls and the packman is the Vitamin C. If you don’t take away those free radicals, they contribute to premature aging, they increase the breakdown of collagen in the skin and that is the backbone of having skin elasticity, tone, and beautiful skin. You can also think of it as a shield against UVA radiation. I like using mine twice a day, my 10% Vitamin C is encapsulated. Some people can have slight irritations with some formulations of Vitamin C, so encapsulation means that its mechanism of delivery is such that it’s less irritating to the skin. I think Vitamin C should be the first thing on cleansed skin,” she concludes.

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