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This New Dermal Scanner in Dubai Analyzes Your Exact Skin Issues

Photo: Carlos Teixeira

A new skin scanner has launched at the Dior beauty boutique in The Dubai Mall, giving clients a revealing look at what lies beneath their complexion.

Those curious to find out more about their skin’s secrets can complete a skin history questionnaire before experiencing the fully sanitized device. Cradling the customer’s face, the Dior skin scanner uses three types of lighting – standard, UV and cross-polarized – to capture above and below surface skin features, capturing imagery of skin elements both visible and hidden to the naked eye.

Dior skin scanner

Dior skin scanner. Photo: Dior

Two different camera angles create a full face scan to thoroughly analyze both surface and sub-surface skin conditions. This means that the sophisticated camera can reveal UV damage that’s not visible to the naked eye, as well as clogged pores that have not yet impacted the surface of your complexion. The scan will also reveal issues in the deep epidermis and superficial dermis like emerging brown spots and redness, and surface issues including texture, visible pores, surface spots and wrinkles and fine lines.

Dior skin scanner

Dior skin scanner. Photo: Dior

The results are presented in a color-coded report format that rates the condition of your skin against eight specific criteria and grades it accordingly. You’ll be walked through each skin concern with an interactive visualization which allows you to zoom in to see your fine lines, pigmentation and other types of environmental and genetic signs of aging. While disconcerting at first, the level of detail in the imagery of sub-dermal sun damage and dehydrated patches is both fascinating and educational. A tailored Dior skincare routine will then be customized according to your skin’s exact needs – making the process one of the most tailored product recommendation experiences available from a boutique.

The Dior skin scanner is an ongoing feature of the Dior boutique, The Dubai Mall, with plans to expand the program to other regional locations.

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