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Diet Trends That You Should Forget This Summer

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How many times have you started a diet? With many making claims that seem too good to be true, more often than not they end in failure. It’s not your willpower that has left you down, it’s the concept of dieting. Strict diets much of the time mean depriving your body of the nutrients it needs. Not eating what your body craves will either end up in you binge eating or worse.

For those that are looking to lose weight, for health reasons, the most effective way of doing this is to simply limit the foods you eat and only restrict the one that contributes to health problems like added sugar and processed foods. Focus on educating yourself about nutrition and embrace body positivity, by saying goodbye to these fad diets.

Intense Fasting

Intermittent fasting is becoming ever more popular. A practice that sees people limit their eating to either certain hours of the day or skipping days completely, can work for some people but for others can be very detrimental. This is especially true for extreme or intense fasting. Not just affecting your physical health like lowering blood sugar and causing fatigue, fasting can have a negative effect on your emotional health. This is the case for prolonged fasting that may see you distance yourself socially due to not meeting people after a certain time of day due to the diet. For many they also lose focus on what they are consuming, meaning their diet begins to lack important nutrients.

The Juice Cleanse

Also known as juice fasting, this diet was made popular in the 1990s. This regime sees people only consume fruit and vegetable juice, sometimes blended with nut milk, spices, and adaptogens to name just a few for a certain number of days. Met with much criticism, nutritionists and scientists have spoken out about how they can cause more harm than good. Firstly, by removing solids from your diet you will actually decrease the thermic effect of food which is the energy required for digestion, absorption, and disposal of ingested nutrients. This causes your metabolism to slow down. The diet is also not sustainable, as those who do lose weight report putting it straight back on once your return to your normal diet.

The No-Carb Diet 

Bread, cakes, pasta, even potatoes are the devils in this diet. Ditching the carbs from your diet can be incredibly detrimental to the way your body runs. Firstly, carbohydrates are responsible for breaking down glucose which is the body’s main fuel source. Unable to function optimally without glucose is not only your brain but your muscles too. It’s important to note that not all carbohydrates are the same. Instead of removing carbohydrates completely from your diet learn which are good for you like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and which ones to stay away from processed ones like white bread and sugar-packed cereals.

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