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MAC Collaborates with Cyrine Abdelnour for a Red Lip Collection


Courtesy of MAC

What are Cyrine Abdelnour ‘s go-to products when it comes to her signature red lip? The secret is unveiled as she collaborates with MAC for a collection that pushes a rouge pout into the spotlight. Following on from her last partnership with the brand for her Rose Gilded Glam collection, she has curated five of her favorite products and formulas. Here she shares the story behind the collaboration.

Why did you choose MAC to collaborate with for this specific Red Lip look?

I have only used MAC’s red lipsticks for as long as I can remember, so I wanted to share the true red shades that I wear with my fans. This is an extremely personal collection for me, as I am sharing a piece of my true identity. I want women to feel as sophisticated, feminine and confident as I feel every time I step out wearing my three favorite red lipsticks.

Why do you think your fans were drawn towards the red lipstick you wore on-screen during your last TV show?

It was my character’s signature look, so as a part of my role I wore a red lip in almost every episode. Even though it has always been a part of me before the show I’m happy it drove a lot of positive buzz and became synonymous with my on-screen character.

 When do you usually wear a red lip? Is it a look you only wear on screen?

I wear a red lip all the time! If you look through my Instagram page, you’ll notice the same, it’s one of my favorite looks. You could spot me wearing a red lip on screen and in photoshoots, I love sporting it on a day or night out. I really think a red lip can be so versatile, it doesn’t need an occasion.


Courtesy of MAC

What are your top red lipstick shades from MAC Cosmetics?

Ruby Woo lipstick is my absolute go-to-classic red.  I love the color intensity!

I also love the Retro Matte liquid lipsticks, they’re so long-lasting which helps especially when I’m on set shooting for long hours.

The Retro Matte shades I love are Fashion Legacy which I would wear for a brighter red look more suited for the day, and Dance with Me, which is a slightly darker shade that I would pair with a bold look for an evening out! My campaign with MAC showcases the different red looks and how I would wear them.

What are your tips and tricks to wearing the perfect red lip?

My personal tip to achieving the perfect red lip is making sure you use a lip scrub as seen in my MAC tutorial and always use a lip conditioner for moisturized lips. I also try to keep my overall look simple and elegant so my lips stand out.

How does a red lip make you feel?

Empowered, confident, bold classy. I feel a red lip can make you stand out from the crowd.

What, in your opinion, is most appealing about a woman wearing a red lipstick?

A beautifully drawn red lip exudes glamour, confidence and can make you feel powerful.

What advice do you want to give to encourage women to wear a red lip?

I personally believe there is a red that suits every woman. There are different shades and techniques for every woman to feel comfortable in a red lip, so don’t be afraid to wear one and try to have fun with it!

The MAC x Cyrine Red Lip collection will be available in MAC stores from October 23

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