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Are the Covid-19 Vaccines Safe for Facial Fillers?

Dermal fillers

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After early reports of the Moderna vaccine causing dermal fillers to swell, the beauty aesthetics industry is busy fielding questions surrounding the correlation between getting vaxxed and larger than life lips. The good news? According to Dr. Lana Kashlan, Consultant Dermatologist and Medical Director at CosmeSurge Dubai Marina, the swelling reaction has only been encountered by a very small demographic, and only associated so far with the Modena vaccine, which has not yet been picked up for use within the Middle East.

Swelling of fillers also isn’t vaccine-specific, says Dr. Kashlan. “There has been a lot of buzz about swelling around dermal fillers after the Moderna vaccine but actually this type of immune response is something that we see as a result of many different triggers,” she shares. “In fact, any vaccination or recent illness and infection can cause swelling around dermal fillers, but fortunately these cases are very rare, and are temporary and manageable.” The dermatologist stresses that swelling and other mild symptoms are completely normal, as a healthy immune system is activated by triggers as part of its usual function. “I’ve had patients have these types of reactions two weeks after having a flu or common cold,” explains Dr. Kashlan. “It’s important for people to understand this is not a reason to avoid getting vaccinated, and it is not a reason to avoid getting fillers. The benefits of vaccination far outweigh any risk. The incidence of filler swelling is extremely low and is a temporary side effect that is treatable.”


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Regarding the vaccination roll-out across the Middle East, Dr. Kashlan says that being vaccinated as soon as possible with whatever brand vaccine is available should be a priority. “Any potential swelling or inflammation is temporary and treatable, whereas infection with coronavirus can be potentially life-threatening. Containing the pandemic far outweighs any risk of complication as it relates to fillers,” she stresses.

She says that, at most, women can reschedule their injectables appointment in case they have any concerns. “I do recommend postponing your filler treatment for at least two weeks after you receive your second vaccine dose, as based on vaccines currently available on the market, to help reduce any risk of reaction, and waiting four weeks for taking the first dose of vaccination if possible.”

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