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This Accessible Treatment Zaps Away Pigmentation, Acne, and Uneven Texture

Zap away pigmentation, acne, and uneven texture with highly effective cosmetic laser therapy that’s more accessible than ever

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With the ability to rid skin of the most tenacious imperfections, cosmetic lasers may be one of the most powerful tricks in a woman’s arsenal. Laser devotees claim no other treatment comes close for targeting pigmentation and signs of aging, while clinic practitioners compare the results to a non-surgical facelift. While the thought of laser treatments may have once conjured up a painful ordeal, the reality is far milder. As a singular wavelength of extreme energy light, a laser produces heat when focused onto a small area. Cosmetic lasers are calibrated to zap surface irregularities or stimulate at a deeper dermal level. From laser facials that fit into a lunchbreak, to heavy-hitting sessions with more downtime, there’s a wide range of wavelengths to counter complexion concerns.

For extra glow and even tone

Skin Laundry has made the routine laser facial its signature, with the boutique clinic’s locations in Dubai Marina and Kuwait offering a tightly curated menu. Its laser facial regimens are recommended on a regular schedule, rather than one-off sessions, promising that the visible effects will outdo any traditional topical facial. Clients can choose which laser facial roster matches their skin’s needs, shares Grainne Sullivan, Skin Laundry MENA’s regional clinic manager. For its Signature Facial, a non-ablative Nd:YAG laser is used, making this 15-minute, relatively painfree treatment a gentle introduction to laser facials. It stimulates the deeper dermal layer for noticeable results without causing redness and is an excellent choice as a monthly tune-up for an all-over glow. This introductory treatment will deep cleanse, turn over dull skin, gently correct skin tone, and boost the collagen stores. Sullivan recommends delaying that facelift for a few more years, and instead investing in one to three laser facials per month for “transformative, highly efficient, and long-term results.” From AED795.

To combat breakouts and scarring

Laser takes a dual treatment approach to eradicate visible bumps and evict those yet to emerge, unlike pimple creams and extractions that only work on a surface level. Sullivan suggests Skin Laundry’s more intense Elite Laser Facial to zap existing acne and prevent new breakouts. Combining the Nd:YAG with the ablative LaseMD, this is an advanced option with a few days of redness as the skin heals. The LaseMD renews the top dermal layer by creating micro injuries to induce healing and promote new cell growth while vanquishing cell debris and erasing blemishes. The combination of the two lasers is the gold standard for clients prone to breakouts, with incredibly impressive results in a short period. “One Elite session is equivalent to three single laser sessions,” she explains. The one-two combination of lasers also addresses additional issues like deeper scars, loss of elasticity, and melasma, with a fortnightly session over a three-month period recommended for optimal results. From AED2,250

For inflammation and damage control

Sun-damaged and aging skin are hit with unattractive inflammation and irregular texture, with at-home moisturizers and serums not able to shift the damage alone, says beauty and laser therapist Rebecca Treston. She recommends the Fotona laser as one of the best options outside of surgical intervention for turning back the clock. “There’s nothing else quite like this thermal laser,” explains Treston. “The ultra-short pulses are extremely effective at working on the inflammatory markers on the skin.” She uses the Fotona laser as a secondary treatment to tackle inflammation and overactive melanocytes. By stimulating problem areas, the wavelength speeds up the damaged tissue’s regeneration cycle. “The Fotona also helps keep skin problems at bay for longer,” Treston adds, with the combination preventing further damage to vulnerable dermal cells. From AED2,000.

For tough pigmentation

One of the most difficult to solve issues is pigmentation, says Treston. Laser treatments are one of the best ways – and sometimes the only effective solution – to removing it for good. Treston’s strategy is to incorporate different wavelengths to attack the damage on as many dermal layers as possible. “If the pigmentation is on the outermost layer of skin, clients will see visible results from the first session,” she points out. “If both epidermal and dermal, expect at least three sessions to see a significant difference.” The silver lining is that the time put in is well worth it – once treated, the pigmentation doesn’t return. One of her favorite pigment-busters is the PicoGenesis, which, unlike traditional variations, doesn’t produce heat and is surprisingly painless. Combining three wavelengths in ultra-short pulses to disrupt the top dermal layer, Treston spot treats the most densely impacted areas to “shatter” the pigment. The offending tissue flakes away within days. Turns out there really is a magic wand for banishing even the most stubborn sun spots – albeit across several pigment-shattering sessions. From AED2,000

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Originally published in the October 2021 issue of Vogue Arabia

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