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Clarins Latest Anti-Aging Serum Packs Double the Punch

Clarins Double Serum

Clarins 8th Generation Double Serum. Courtesy of Clarins.

Since 1985, Clarins has been making waves with its anti-aging Double Serum. “It’s an iconic product,”
says Christian Courtin Clarins, president of Clarins Group. “It is one of the
 most complete products on the market.” The formula 
is inspired by biomimicry
– where scientists look 
to nature and mimic its functions – and, now in its eighth generation, combines the best water and oil-soluble ingredients. “Every year we scan around 400 products. Our knowledge of the skin tells us which is a good product,” says Clarins.

This latest chapter uses 18 high-performing plant extracts, including turmeric, to help stimulate the skin’s vital functions and target signs 
of aging. When turmeric
 is highly concentrated into turmerone, this bio-inspired vegetal discovery targets the cells’s lipid microdomains, helping to optimize their function by enhancing cellular communication. Clarins used organic and, when possible, fair trade products throughout its creation. “We are not a marketing company, this is a scientific company. We are lucky to be born in a beauty institute,” Clarins says.

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