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Charlotte Tilbury and Rawan BinHussain Show How to Do the Feline Flick

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Cover Stars Iman & Imaan Take the Vogue Arabia Taste Test

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Editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia Manuel Arnaut reflected, “I truly believe that a cover should also encapsulate a message of hope and go above and beyond just a pretty image. This is exactly what we tried to achieve when we invited two of the biggest models with strong ties to the Arab world to be our March cover stars.” And so Iman and Imaan Hammam are co-star cover girls for the one-year anniversary issue of Vogue Arabia, representing the inclusive future of fashion and the breaking dawn that shines a fresh light on regional talents.

This is a second Vogue Arabia cover for Hammam after featuring on the April 2017 Power issue cover. Here the dynamo of modelling talent who effortless capture natural beauty take the Vogue Arabia tasting test… Blindfolded! How well do these leading ladies know their cuisine? Self-professed foodies Imaan and Iman go head-to-head to see who knows iconic Middle Eastern and African dishes the best…

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Behind-the-Scenes of Mona Zaki & Ahmed Helmy’s Vogue Shoot

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In an intimate interview with Mona Zaki and with an accompanying shoot with Ahmed Helmy, Zaki discusses her connection with the media and her new movie Al Fares by director Mohamed Samy. Zaki speaks frankly about unequal pay in the entertainment industry according to gender. Zaki boldly tells Vogue Arabia that this  is an international issue, not purely located to Egypt. “Every person should earn what he/she deserve,” adds Zaki.

Mona Zaki

Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy photographed by Stephanie Galea for the March, first-anniversary issue of Vogue Arabia.

The Arab big screen star and philanthropist also shares with Vogue in a tongue-in-cheek interview jovial details about her partner Ahmed Helmy, who features alongside her in their power couple’s first ever Vogue Arabia shoot. Check back early this week to see the Zaki on Helmy video release on…

Production Credits:

Starring: Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy

Photographer: Stephanie Galea

Direction, Editing, and Cinematography: Photo Boutique

Styling: Keanoush

Makeup: Soha Khoury

Hair: Chez Richard

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Inside the Anniversary Issue: Cindy Bruna Leaps Across Tunisian Rooftops Wearing Alaïa – video

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The New Way to Elevate Your All-Black Wardrobe

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In the March 2018 anniversary issue, Vogue Arabia’s fashion desk explores how to wear black and the different ways to layer all-black staples this spring. Though wearing head-to-toe monochrome isn’t a conventional warm weather look, we can think of endless reasons to opt all black; from it’s flattering effect to its conservative aspect. It’s no wonder than that head-to-toe jet has gained steady traction with the likes of editors and A-listers alike, including Bella Hadid. And when it comes to abayas and overlays, many Muslim women gravitate towards the traditional, all-black cover-up in lieu of embellished or colorful designs. Featuring beautifully cut tops, wraparound skirts, and fringed abayas, in the video ahead, discover the new season way to elevate your monochrome wardrobe this spring.

Production Credits:
Photographer: Domen Van de Velde
Stylist: Claire Carruthers
Hair: Jo + Jo
Makeup: Toni Malt at Things by People
Model: Lisa Verberght at Imm Bruxelles
Style Assistant: Mohammad Hazem Rezq

Inside the Anniversary Issue: Cindy Bruna Leaps Across Tunisian Rooftops Wearing Alaïa

October 25, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury and Rawan BinHussain Show How to Do the Feline Flick

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